What Does the ADT Yellow Triangle Mean? [6 Causes]

Are you here because your ADT alarm was functioning well, and you recently noticed an ADT yellow triangle on your keypad? This sign may sometimes follow two beeping sounds indicating some trouble condition. This state may direct towards several issues that have possible hacks to fix it up.

So, what causes the DSC ADT yellow triangle?

The ADT yellow triangle may direct towards several issues. The most of which includes improper date and time, and lost power connection. Also, the other causes may be low battery and faulty internal communication.

Read on to learn in detail all the indications for the ADT yellow triangle.

What Does the ADT Yellow Triangle Mean

What Does the ADT Yellow Triangle Mean?

The yellow triangle sign on DSC ADT panel is commonly knows as “trouble light”, directing towards some error within or outside the system. To get rid of it, you first need to know the reason behind it. So, whenever you see it on your keypad, simply press *2 to identify the specific cause leading it.

Here are the main causes for ADT yellow triangle:

1. Improper date and time

Sometimes, due to some error, your ADT panel’s date and time may change, which may disrupt its overall functioning. This may result in a sudden popping of a yellow triangular sign directing towards some internal issue that needs to be resolved.

To tackle this issue, all you need to do is change the date and time on your system. So, just press *6 and enter your master code, followed by pressing 1 on the keypad. This will help you change the date and time settings instantly without any hurdle.

After finishing this, just tap on #, which will close all the tabs. Thus, you’re all set to go enabling your ADT panel system to work efficiently in no time.

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2. Lost power connection

It’s very typical to lose power connection, but this may sometimes interrupt the normal working of your ADT system. A sudden yellow triangular indicator may appear, asking you to fix the issue at the earliest time.

In this scenario, all you need to do is regain the power loss, immediately fixing this error issue. Therefore, the first step is just to check where this problem is initiated.

Check all the power connections, cables, and switchboards connecting your ADT alarm to the primary source. However, there may sometimes be a problem with the whole overall power of the house.

So, make sure you get it fixed as soon as possible. Further, after gaining the lost power, your ADT panel will itself start working well on its own.

3. Faulty internal communication

As the name suggests, a yellow error sign may appear due to a faulty connection between the panel and the central system. However, to confirm this cause, you need to perform a performance test.

In addition, this is something to worry about as you won’t be able to fix it up on your own. So, simply call the ADT dealer and ask for his help. Sometimes, he may guide you and follow the steps needed or send an expert to fix it up. In both cases, you’ll soon be able to resolve this issue in just a heartbeat.

4. Low battery issue

A low-powered or old battery may also show an error sign along with the sudden beeping of the alarm. This is one of the most common issues faced. In this case, all you need to do is simply recharge the battery if possible or replace them up with the new one.

Even after charging the batteries up, you may still face the same problem or see the ADT yellow triangle sign. This happens when the batteries must have entirely been damaged and needs urgent replacement. Also, this usually occurs when you use these batteries for an extensive time.

Follow the steps given below to change your batteries in no time:

  1. The first step is to find out the ADT alarm panel, usually in storerooms or basement areas.
  2. Next, silence the sound production by pressing the OFF or # button on the keypad.
  3. Now remove the old batteries from the board. Identify them and purchase the same types to avoid any inconvenience later.
  4. Place the new ones and test them up or simply check the absence of notification on the keypad.

5. Issue concerning the phone connection

Problem with the phone connection may show as FC error indicating failure to communicate. This may occur due to various reasons, a few of which are listed below:

  • Worn out phone line
  • Inappropriate service connection
  • Dial out misinformation
  • Abrupt noise in the phone line
  • Problematic phone’s wiring
  • Disrupted phone wiring within the panel

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To fix these up, the first thing you need to do is check the wires and their connection. Then check the source of interruption to them. Moreover, dial the number to see the problem with any of the equipment.

So, if you know of any issue concerning the equipment, be it with the wires or the phone, just call the ADT support team and ask for their assistance.

After fixing up the underlying cause, you also need to clear the message indicating the error. To do so, enter your master code and then press 1. Repeat this step until you completely get rid of it.

6. Opened zone

As you know, each ADT alarm is specific to a particular area within the house. These zones may sometimes remain open due to some error which may appear as a yellow triangular sign on the keypad.

So, just press * and type zone search to tackle such a situation. This will help you find the open zone. Once you know it, fix it up before heading towards further problems.

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ADT yellow triangle may seem annoying to you, but it’s, in fact, of great help to you. It’s an indicator directing towards any internal or external problem leading to malfunctioning of your ADT alarm.

Therefore, we have discussed a few of the most common causes. Also, some necessary hacks that may enable you to get rid of it in no time without spending much of your time and energy.

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