How to Get Out of ADT Contract?

How to Get Out of ADT Contract

Sometimes ADT alarm may not work well for you, and you would like to return it without any hurdle. These ADT companies have usually allotted some fee to end the contract you signed with them while purchasing their alarm system. However, certain conditions would help you avoid such a policy without any objection from the associated company.

Keeping all this in mind, we shall discuss all the possible conditions that may help you cancel your ADT service without paying much or sometimes nothing. Also, we shall pour some light on how to cancel ADT contract during or even after the trial period. So, continue reading to know a few of the most beneficial tips that you ever get regarding the ADT cancellation policy.

How to cancel ADT contract without penalty?

It’s really simple to cancel or get out of your ADT contract. All you need to do is contact their customer service center, inform them, and then follow the steps as required. However, this would cost you some penalty fees depending upon the time you have utilized their service and the requirements mentioned on the contract.

In addition, there are certain possibilities that we shall discuss below to help you avoid the cancellation fee without any barrier.

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1. Use the money-back service guarantee

This highly recommended ADT service enables you to end your contract within the first six initial months of purchase. It enables you to cancel your agreement without any penalties. However, sometimes it isn’t easy to utilize this service and may require you to contact the higher-grade employee of the company to do so.

Furthermore, the only way that enables you to opt for this deal is that you had a systemic problem with the ADT alarm, and the company failed to resolve it within the given time. Also, remember you have to fully remove all the equipment of the ADT alarm before heading for this great opportunity of no payback facility.

In addition, this service also enables you to end the service halfway through the contract by paying just 75% of the remaining payment. However, this chance depends upon your contract. You need to contact the service center for further info regarding the ADT cancellation policy.

2. Early termination of the agreement

Sometimes, early termination due to a valid reason may help you cancel ADT service without paying the penalty. These reasons may include job loss or moving from one place to another. Most companies may consider these causes. However, some might still object. Therefore, it’s really necessary to have a clear agreement before opting for any services.

Moreover, some companies also have a fixed fee of $150 specified for cancellation at the earliest date. But again, you need to contact the service help center for further details.

Can you cancel ADT contract online?

No, it’s not possible to cancel the ADT contract online. The ADT service team has a specific guideline you need to follow, which requires contacting the team personally. You may simply call them at their customer care center and follow the steps as mentioned by their representation. Moreover, you may also discuss the fees and if they owe you a refund, request them for it without any hesitance.

How to cancel ADT contract during the trial period?

The ADT contracts last for 36 weeks with an initial 30 days trial period. The best thing about this trial period is that you don’t have to pay any fee if you opt to cancel their services. All you need to do is contact the ADT service team through mail or helpline and ask them to take their alarm back and end the contract. They may try to convince you but stick to your argument if you want to avail of the free return option.

How to cancel ADT contract after the trial period?

If, after giving some chances to work well, you’re still not satisfied with your ADT alarm, you may also head for its return. As discussed earlier, you may or may not need to pay the penalty fee depending upon the agreement. So, contact the customer care service for further assistance.

However, keep in mind, ADT contracts auto-renews itself after its expiration without any notice. So, you need to remember the expiration date to cancel the contract on time if you want to do so. Or you may simply inform the ADT service team one month before the expiration date to avoid any mishap.

Points to remember

  • The contract for ADT alarm lasts for 36 months, so if you want to end the agreement after the current service, do remember the date of expiration.
  • A six-month money-back guarantee service is available. You don’t need o pay anything, or sometimes you need to pay a small amount depending upon the agreement.
  • You may often need to pay 75% of the remaining charges set for the month to cancel out the contract.

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You may get out the ADT alarm contract if you’re not really satisfied with its work. There’s some penalty fee to do so. However, certain conditions may help you end the contract without paying a penny.

This article has discussed how to cancel adt account under different circumstances, such as within the trial period or after it. Also, we have listed a few important tips and facilities that you may opt to get out of the ADT alarm contract in no time.


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