Does Kasa Work With Homekit? [Compatible Devices]

Are you curious whether TP-Link Kasa works with Apple Homekit and whether you should opt for it? Well, Kasa is one of the most affordable security cameras out there, and what could be better if they work with Homekit?

So, is Kasa compatible with Homekit?

Yes, Kasa works well with Apple Homekit, and that’s undoubtedly great news if you’re an Apple fan. This means you can now easily control your security cameras from all your Apple devices, including Mac, iPhone, and iPad, by downloading a free app. So, just up a custom scene and you’re all set to use Kasa with your Homekit.

Ride through this blog as it explores the capabilities and provides insight into Kasa Apple Homekit compatibility. Moreover, it will also shower light on how you can connect Kasa with Homekit with a complete list of Kasa-compatible devices.

does kasa work with homekit

What is Kasa?

Kaasa is the simplest security device which is super customer-friendly without any burden to your pocket.

It’s more like a personal control device that enables you to control all your home security settings, including video monitoring, lights, and much more, with taps on the smartphone’s screen. Isn’t that the easiest way to monitor all your belongings?

How to connect Kasa with Homekit?

Setting Kasa with Homekit is pretty straightforward as you simply need to download the Home app on your Apple device and follow the set-up process step-by-step. Once done, you’re all set to create custom scenes as you desire. Isn’t that cool?

However, you’ll need to factory reset the Device before heading to avoid any problems later. So, simply press the power button and hold it, which is at the right panel of the plug when it is powered up. Do this for 10 seconds until you see an LED flash amber, representing the completion of the process.

Here are the steps to connect Kasa with Apple Homekit:

  1. Firstly, download and install the Kasa Smart app.
  2. Next, head to the Kasa Smart app and tap on + present at the top right corner and select your Device.
  3. Now power up your plug and ensure the LED flashes the required color. If not, then factory reset your plug again.
  4. After that, tap Add to Home and add your Device to Home.
  5. Then tap on Okay to enable Kasa to access your Home data.
  6. Now scan the Homekit QR code on your Device to add your Device automatically. Note that this is an essential step Apple requires, so you can’t skip it.
  7. Your Device will soon be added to the Home app successfully. Once done, you can now edit its name and choose the name where it should be in.
  8. After that, tap on Next to set up the scenes and then tap on Done.
  9. Lastly, add your Device to the Kasa Smart app by which you can manage it and all its settings through this app. This is possible as your Kasa Smart app will be discovered automatically.

Kasa compatible devices:

There are limited Kasa products that are compatible with Apple Homekit. However, all of these have capable enough to meet your requirements for effective security.

Here are a few of the Kasa-compatible devices:

1. Kasa Smart light bulbs

Using these highly compatible devices, you can easily turn on, off or even dim or brighten lights anywhere using your iPhone or iPad. This product works as a mood enhancer as by it, and you can easily brighten up the mood of your place in no time by just setting up the lighting or the ambience set.

2. Kasa Outdoor Smart Dimmer Plugs

These Outdoor Smart Dimmer Plugs control the outdoor lights by turning them on or off anywhere you want. You may also get alerts, especially when you’re home away, to tell you when the lights are on or off at your place. Moreover, you can even set up detection zones, enabling particular lights to turn on in a particular area of your home.

3. Kasa Smart Motion Sensor Switch

These Smart Motion Sensor Switches enable you to control lamps or other appliances anywhere you are in no time. Also, it enables you to turn on lights when it detects any motion at your place. Furthermore, just like Dimmer Plugs, it can also help you set up detection zones by which you can turn the lights on in a particular area in your home.

4. Kasa Smart Plug Mini

These extraordinary Smart Plug Mini enable you to turn on and off lights anywhere and anytime you want using your iPad or iPhone. So, simply use the free Kasa app and enable this function. You may even get alerts for all your home activities through the same app.

5. Kasa Smart Security Camera

By using these high-tech Kasa Smart Security Cameras, you can easily keep an eye on all the activities at your place on your smart devices like iPad or iPhone. Moreover, it can also send motion-triggering warnings to keep you alert.

Furthermore, the best and most unique thing about this Device is that you can even hear the audio of your room anywhere you want for high-end security purposes.


Kasa security devices are highly compatible with Apple Homekit. You can easily manage them anywhere, anytime, through your iPad or iPhone. However, you just need to download the free Kasa app. Note that there are limited Kasa-compatible devices but all of them are highly effective and efficient in their purposes.

For more details, check this blog for a quick review of Kasa and how to set it up with your Apple Homekit. Moreover, we have also listed a few of the Kasa-compatible devices for Homekit along with their functions for your convenience.

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