Does Wyze Work With Homekit? [Using Homebridge]

Are you considering opting for the Wyze security system and still confused about whether it will work with your Apple Homekit? It’s pretty wise to clear all your misunderstandings before purchasing to prevent future regret.

So, is Wyze compatible with Apple Homekit?

Yes, Wyze is compatible with Apple Homekit. However, note that they are not directly well-matched, so you’ll need a third-party system or software for their integration. Homebridge is the most suitable one to link any security system with the Apple Homekit, which will also work best in this case. Also, you may easily set it up without any hurdles.

Delve into this blog for a quick experience to learn about Wyze’s compatibility with the Homekit. Moreover, we’ll also jot down the most straightforward way to set up Wyze devices with Homebridge through the Homebridge.

Does wyze work with homekit

How to connect Wyze with Apple Homekit using Homebridge?

As discussed earlier, to connect Wyze security systems with the Apple Homekit, you’ll need Homebridge. Homebridge is simply free software, and you may easily find it in the App Store.

Here are the steps to connect to Wyze homekit:

  1. Firstly, download and install the Homebridge software from its website or head to the Appstore or Playstore.
  2. You may even opt for the Homebridge Hub, a hardware device that enables you to operate and connect both devices through the network. Note that the latter option is easier and more convenient.
  3. Next, open the Homebridge program on your computer and head to the Main menu.
  4. From the main menu, click on the option Plugin.
  5. After that, search for the Wyze product you wish to connect with your Apple Homekit.
  6. Now click on the Plugin installation appearing on the search results.
  7. You’ll then see the Plugin installation complete after a few minutes.
  8. Once the installation is completed, configure the Plugin for the Device you plan to set up.
  9. Now restart the Homebridge by clicking on the Restart Homebridge button present at the top right corner of your screen.
  10. Lastly, wait a few minutes until the Homebridge gets restarted, and you’re all set to use Wyze with Apple Homekit.

How to enable Homekit Secure Video on your Wyze cameras?

Wyze is one of the most affordable cameras these days. However, these cameras don’t really support Apple Homekit secure videos. Note that you can only enable Wyze came black, Wyze Cam Pan V2, and Wyze Cam V3 as they support the RTSP with Homekit.

Below are the steps to enable Homekit Secure Video on your Wyze camera:

  1. Firstly, set up the Homebridge to connect Wyze with Homekit.
  2. Use Scrypted as the doc container within the Homebridge setup. So, log into the interface to get started.
  3. Ensure that the port of the Scrypted is either 10443 or 11080.
  4. Once set up, run the Auto-updates if you have any Plugins installed.
  5. After that, click Install, type in RTSP Plugin, and let it install.
  6. Next, click Install, type in Homekit Plugin, and let it install.
  7. Now go on the Plugins and check you have all the plugins you’ll need, such as the RTSP, Motion detector, and the Homekit plugin.
  8. Click on the RTSP camera Plugin.
  9. Now you just need to click Add Device and type in your camera’s name.
  10. On the left side, the settings ask for your Username, Password, and RTSP stream URL. So, type in the information requested concerning the RTSP configuration set up within the Wyze app. Don’t forget to click the green button once the input is written.
  11. Click on Save RTSP Stream URL.
  12. Once done, click on Integration and Extensions and then on the box PAM Diff Motion Detection to enable the hardware with the camera. Also, click on the box for Homekit.
  13. Next, click on the Homekit option and select the sensor such as your Device.
  14. Now on Homekit Pairing, click on the box for Standalone Accessory Mode.
  15. Go again to the Integration and Extension and click on the box for Homekit Secure Video Local Copy to enable it.
  16. Afterward, go to the Plugins, click Homekit, and reload the Plugin.
  17. To check the Homekit secure video, go to the Plugins, then click on RTSP camera Plugin, and then the demo camera; you should see the image broadcasting right now.
  18. Head again to the Homekit pairing on Settings and enter the pairing code on your Apple Home app. To do so, open the Apple Home app on your phone, select the Demo Home, tap the + sign, and then Add Accessory and Add More.
  19. The demo camera will be highlighted; click on that. Later type in the Manual Pairing code available on the Scripted.
  20. Lastly, set up the streaming settings as per your need.


In conclusion, just like Blink and SimpliSafe, Wyze also requires a third-party such as Homebridge to work with Apple Homekit. After setting up the Homebridge, you can easily connect Wyze to the Homekit using the straightforward steps. However, enabling Homekit security video on Wyze is complex but possible.

So, follow this blog for a quick guide to learn the most straightforward steps to enable Wyze to work with Apple Homekit. Also, we have mentioned how you can allow Homekit to Secure Video on your Wyze cameras in the easiest way possible. What are you waiting for? Dig into this blog for your benefit.

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