How to Reset Hikvision Camera? [Factory Default Settings]

Did you lose or forget your Hikvision camera’s password and are not sure what you can do next? Resetting your Hikvision camera is to the rescue. You can erase the previous password and set...
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Hikvision RTSP URL Address Stream Format – [Complete Guide]

Not sure how to live-stream your videos from your Hikvision devices, such as an IP camera, NVR, or DVR? This can be done easily using the RTSP protocol, which is Real Time Streaming Protocol...
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Hikvision Plugin for Chrome – [View Your Hikvision Devices]

Not sure why your Hikvision devices (I.P. camera, NVR, and DVR) not working on your Google Chrome? Or are you getting an unusual message to download and install the plugin on your Chrome for...
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What Is Hikvision SADP Tool? [Download Latest Version]

Not sure what the Hikvision SADP tool is? SADP (Search Active Device Protocol) is a tool that locates the nearby Hikvision devices (IP camera, NVR, and DVR) and simultaneously manages the activation and basic...
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Hikvision Password Reset Tool – [DVR, NVR, and IP Camera]

Are you searching for the easiest way to reset the password for your Hikvision DVR, NVR, and IP camera? Different methods are available to do it, but it will mainly depend upon your system’s...
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How to Change Hikvision Default Password? [3 Easy Ways]

Are you looking for your Hik camera default username and password? Or are you wondering whether you can change your Hikvision default password? In both cases, you have come to the right place. Previously,...
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