How to Change Hikvision Default Password? [3 Easy Ways]

Are you looking for your Hik camera default username and password? Or are you wondering whether you can change your Hikvision default password? In both cases, you have come to the right place.

Previously, soon after a factory reset or first device setup, you needed to log in using the default password, but now in new devices, there is no need for it. So instead, the system asks you to update a password, which should be strong enough to prevent hacking attacks.

Keep reading to learn what Hikvision’s default password is and how you can change it.

hikvision default password

What is the hikvision default password?

The default password is the first automatically updated passcode, which is risky if not changed. These passwords are pre-configured after a factory reset or first device setup. You can find this default password online on the websites that have these passwords or on the search engine.

For IP cameras, NVRs, and DVRs, the passwords are as follows:

  • Username: admin Password: admin
  • Username: admin Password: 123456
  • Username: admin Password: 12345

However, note that the IP cameras, NVRS, and DVRs no longer have a default password for a few years. Therefore, it now recommends you set a strong and unique password yourself soon after your first login. This is done to help you make your device more secure and prevent any hacker from attacking your system.

How to change the default password for Hikvision camera?

There are three ways to change the default password for your Hikvision camera, NVRs, and DVRs. You can use either the web browser, recorder interface, or the iVMS-4200 software.

Below are the steps to alter the default password for the Hikvision camera:

1. Change the default password for hikvision camera using the web browser

Here are the steps to change the password using the web browser:

  1. Firstly, head to the Web browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer and type the IP address of your recorder/camera on the search bar or URL bar. Note that you may use the SADP tool to scan your network if you don’t have the IP address.
  2. Now enter your current username and password.

hikvision login form web browser

  1. Next, go to the Settings panel and then to Configuration.
  2. Now tap on the Security option under the Basic Configuration and select the username admin.
  3. Click on the Modify

modify hikvision admin password via web browser

  1. Further, delete the old password and then enter the new password of the device in the red box.
  2. Type in the new password again for confirmation, and click OK. You’ll then see a message ‘The password is changed successfully. Note that you set a strong password and remember it as resetting again and again, can be a bit hectic.

password changed hikvision

2. Change the hikvision default password using the NVR/DVR local interface

Here are the steps to change the password using the NVR/DVR local interface:

  1. Firstly, select the Main menu options at the top of the dropdown list of the OSD submenus by right-clicking on it.
  2. Now click on the Option System Configuration. This will list down associated sub-menus. Click on the User tab at the bottom of the left-side options. This will then show the setup pages.

hikvision main menu

  1. Then, select the Edit tab at the right of the Admin entry, showing the associated submenu.

hikvision edit user password

  1. Further, click on the Old password box and type in your current password using the GUI keypad. Note that the default password here is 12345.

hikvision user confirm password

  1. Now put a tick for the Change password box, which will enable you to enter a new password. Set it up and note that it should have 1 to 16 digits and should be powerful enough to prevent any hacking attack.
  2. Re-type it to confirm your password.
  3. Lastly, click the OK box at the bottom to save your changes.

3. Changing the password of Hikvision devices using the iVMS-4200

This method will require installing the Hikvision-made iVMS- 4200 monitoring software and then properly setting it up.

Here are the steps to change the password using the iVMS-4200:

  1. Firstly, head to the Control Panel, Device Management, and finally, the Encoding device to select the device from the online list.
  2. Next, add the device to the client software by entering the nickname, username, and password for your camera/recorder.
  3. After adding the device, click on the Remote configuration
  4. Now click on Modify to change the password for the admin account.
  5. Further, delete the old password and type in the new one.
  6. Type it again to confirm it.
  7. Lastly, click on Save to complete the steps.


The devices usually have a default username and password after their first setup or quick reset. You may easily change it. For Hikvision, there are three ways to do it using the web browser, NVR/DVR local interface, and the iVMS-4200. However, note that new devices have no default passwords, and you just need to set them up yourself.

Walk through this blog to learn Hikvision’s default password and how you can change it the easiest way possible. We have listed all three ways to do so for your ease. So take a look at it!

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