How to Find Hikvision Serial Number? [Verification Code]

Do you know you can easily change your Hikvision device’s serial number in simple steps? This security number is the verification code for a prompt connection between the Hikvision service and your device.

But where to find the Hikvision security code?

For all your Hikvision devices, including IP camera, NVR, or DVR, you can easily find the Hikvision security or verification code on its label or sticker. So, check the device’s box or underneath the recorder for the label to get the model, serial number, and verification code.

Keep reading to learn all about Hikvision security code, such that where to find it and steps to change it in no time.

How to Find Hikvision Serial Number

Where to find the Hikvision verification code?

You can choose three options to find the Hikvision security code for your NVR, DVR, or IP camera. You may find it through the web browser or your device’s settings or locate it on the label of your system.

Here are the ways to find the Hikvision serial number:

1. Search the serial number through the web browser

You can easily locate the serial or verification code for all your Hikvision devices, be it IP camera, NVR, or FDVR, via the web browser.

So, just log in to your device via the web browser and head to Configuration. Then click on Network and finally on Platform access. Next, you’ll find the verification or security code for your Hikvision device.

2. Search the serial number on the Settings of your device

Another way is to look for the security or verification on your device’s local GUI interface, such as DVR or NVR.

So, head to the Main Menu and click on Configuration—next, select Network, and then Platform Access. There, you’ll find the verification code for your device in the form of SIX CAPITAL LETTERS. Note that if you don’t see any such code, create your own, for instance, ABCDEF.

3. Locate the serial number on the sticker or label of your device

Lastly, you can look at the label or sticker on your device to locate the security or verification code. This is the easiest way out.

So, all you need to do is look at the box of your device or underneath the recorder to find the label containing the serial, model number, and device verification code.

Note that if none of the above ways help you locate the serial number for your Hikvision device, then feel free to contact the seller to inquire about it.

How to change the Hikvision security code?

Changing the verification code for your Hikvision device is essential to strengthening the security of your device. This code verifies your user identity and encrypts all your data, including recorded and live video files.

Here are the steps to change the verification code for your Hikvision device:

  1. Firstly, head to the Settings of your device.
  2. Next, go to the option Change Verification Code and then tap on Edit present on the pop-up to continue the step.
  3. Now, type your old verification code and tap on
  4. Lastly, type the new verification code and confirm it.


The verification or serial code on your Hikvision device is the security code to verify your user identity and protect your data. You can easily find it on the label of your device, in Settings, and via the web browser. Moreover, you can also change it for your ease. Walk through this blog to learn how to find or change the Hikvision serial number in no time.


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