Hikvision Password Reset Tool – [DVR, NVR, and IP Camera]

Are you searching for the easiest way to reset the password for your Hikvision DVR, NVR, and IP camera? Different methods are available to do it, but it will mainly depend upon your system’s manufacturing date and model for the perfect one.

The previous Hikvision devices used a password generator tool to reset the password. However, now it mainly depends upon the SADP tool that sends the code to the Hikvision support team to change the password using the export mode.

So, to reset the password, you need to enter the camera’s complete serial number, the current the two-digit day , the two-digit months, and the four-digit year during which you will use this reset code. Note that this will generate a serial code to help reset the admin password using the SADP tool.

Serial Code Will Appear Here

Keep reading to learn in detail how to reset the Hikvision password for your DVR, NVR, and IP camera.

hikvision password reset

How to reset the Hikvision password?

There are two steps to reset your Hikvision password. At first, need to generate the unit’s serial number and then use it to create a reset code. Note that if you’re resetting the password for DVR or NVR, then you’ll need the timeframe, which is the system’s date for it.

Get serial number

There are two ways to get your serial number. The first one is pretty simple, as you just need to locate and note it on your device. You may find it on the label or sticker attached to your recorder/camera.

The second way is to retrieve it using the SADP tool, which will scan your local network and all the Hikvision devices on that network. Moreover, it will show other important info like IP address, device model, and serial number.

So, just download the SADP tool (the SADP version and run it to let all your Hikvision devices get listed on it. You’ll then see the serial number under the heading “Device Serial No” Copy this number as you’ll be needing it in further steps.

Hikvision serial number

Method #1 Using the support team

This method involves sending out an email to the Hikvision team or your local reseller/dealer containing your device’s serial number. Note that you need to install the newer version of SADP, which is SADP version

Here are the steps to reset the Hikvision password using the support team:

  1. Firstly, head to the SADP and select the camera or NVR whose password you want to reset. To do so, simply tick the box at the left of your device. Then click on the Forgot password link at the bottom of the pop-out tab at the right of the SADP window.

hikvision password reset via sadp tool

  1. Then locate and click on the Export button on the pop-up. This will export the reset file to the selected folder. Note that you should always keep your camera/NVR powered on until the reset gets completed.

hikvision sadp reset export file

  1. Now send the reset file to the Hikvision support team or your local dealer/reseller by opening the emails and attaching the reset file.
  2. You’ll receive a reset code once the team verifies your purchase.
  3. Now open the SADP again and head to the export pop-up by clicking on Forgot Password and tick the Import File box present in step 2.

import reset file in hikvision sadp tool

  1. Locate the reset file the team sent you in the folder icon. Open this file up, and you’ll see the boxes for a new password.
  2. Type the new password for your system twice and click on confirm to complete the step. You’ll see a box with a green tick saying Reset password Succeeded.

Method 2# Using the password generator tool

Note that this method may or may not work for your NVR, DVR, or IP camera. However, it will work for cameras with firmware older than 5.3.0 and NVR and DVR older manufactured before 2017.

Here are the steps to reset the Hikvision password using the password generator tool:

  1. Firstly, get the serial code for your device, as discussed earlier.
  2. Next, enter this code on the SADP tool and reset the password. So, select the camera and enter the Secure code in the box. Note that the new password after the reset will be 12345.

Method 3# Using password helper

You must install the Hikvision password helper software on your laptop or computer. However, note that it doesn’t work for all the firmware versions, but it may work for you, so do give it a try.

Here are the steps to reset your Hikvision password using the password helper software:

  1. Firstly, connect your camera to the network.
  2. Next, locate your camera’s IP address and HTTP port using the SADP tool.
  3. Now type in the IP address and HTTP port on the tool. Note the default HTTP port is 80.
  4. Click on Get User List and choose the admin account from the list.
  5. Lastly, set a new password and click on Reset password for the selected user. This will either set a new password or change it to the default one, 12345abc. You may try both ways to see which one works for you.

Method 4# Reset Hikvision DVR/NVR password via the Hik- Connect apps

Here are the steps to reset the DVR/NVR password using the Hik- Connect apps:

  1. Firstly, head to the Hik- Connect app on your phone or tablet and connect your device to it.
  2. Next, log in to the active account on your NVR/DVR.
  3. Now go to the login screen and click on Forget Password.
  4. Now choose the option Verify by Hik- Connect option.
  5. Now you’ll see a QR code that you’ll need to reset your password. So, keep this screen on and then go to the Hik-Connect app on your phone.
  6. Now on your phone, run the Hik-Connect app and tap More > Reset Device Password.
  7. Now point the camera to the NVR’s screen and scan the QR code of the previous step.
  8. You’ll then see a verification code on Hik-Connect. Type this verification code in the NVR or DVR screen box.
  9. Finally, click on OK. The system will allow you to create a new password.
  10. Type in the new password. Retype for confirmation, and then click on OK.


There are many ways to reset your Hikvision passwords for IP cameras, DVR, and NVR. It depends on your device’s model and manufacturing year to enable the particular one to work.

Note that to reset the password, you’ll need the serial number for your device, which you may either find on your device or else you need to get it through the SADP. So, in this blog, you’ll discover four ways to Hikvision password reset, along with the easiest way to get the serial number for your device.


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