How to Fix Hikvision no Resource Error? [2 Easy Ways]

Not sure what Hikvision no resource error is and why you have received an error message for it? This error may sound troublesome, but you can easily fix it.

So, what does Hikvision’s no resource error mean?

Hikvision no resource error is an indication to let you know that your device has pretty limited hardware capabilities. Thus, it cannot display all the channels at once. Moreover, it means that the decoding function of your device, such that the IP camera, NVR, or DVR needs to be sufficient enough to show the current resolution for all the channels.

Keep reading to learn how to fix no resource Hikvision errors in no time.

how to fix hikvision no resource error

How to fix Hikvision no resource error?

The Hikvision no resource error may occur due to incompatibility of your camera with the NVR or the decoding issues like the limitation of the recorder’s graphical display.

Here are the steps to fix the no resource error on your Hikvision devices:

1. Check for the compatibility issue of your camera and recorder:

The first step is to look whether there is an incompatibility issue between your recorder and the camera. To do so, look for the no resource sign on the full screen. If it’s present, then it indicates that there is a compatibility issue.

This may happen when your camera is of higher resolution, such that 5M. In comparison, the recorder may support lesser than that, such that 4MP.

2. Adjust the parameters accordingly

If you only see the No resource error on split-screen such that at 2×2, 3×3, 4×4) and the image on the full screen, then head to the Parameters section and change the frame rate, resolution, and bitrate.

Here are the steps to adjust the parameters for your Hikvision devices:

  1. To do so, first head to the Main Menu.
  2. Then select Record.
  3. Lastly, tap on Parameters. There, you’ll find all the parameters that need to be changed accordingly.
  4. The first one is the bit rate. Lower it a little bit. Next, lower the resolution and then the FPS. Ensure you don’t go less than fps.
  5. Save the changes made.

Note that you need to do so individually for all your Hikvision devices, showing the No resource message on the screen. Moreover, the steps are the same for the procedure if you’re fixing it through the browser.

  1. Now go to Live View and check whether all cameras are showing.
  2. If you still find the issue, then update the firmware of your recorder to the latest version.

Important points

  • Before buying your Hikvision devices, it’s necessary to ensure they are compatible with the cameras and whether the NVR and DVR can handle the bandwidth from the camera properly.
  • Secondly, ensure that your devices support the cameras or not to the fullest resolution. Sometimes you may have a greater channel NVR that supports a few at the highest resolution. Therefore, others need to be set at a lower resolution in such a case.
  • Lastly, if you ever find the message ‘this channel cannot be supported,’ access the camera individually via the web browser and change the settings as needed. This happens when your recorder cannot access the camera or the supported by the recorder.


The No resource error on Hikvision indicates limited hardware capabilities or insufficient decoding functioning of your system. In any case, you either need to check the compatibility of your recorder and camera or adjust the parameters such that bit rate, resolution, and FPS on it.

Therefore, take a quick ride of this blog to clearly understand what Hikvision no resource error is and how to fix it with simple steps. These fixes are pretty easy and won’t take much of your time so try them asap.

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