How to Use Hik Connect App on Mobile? [Android & iOS]

Not sure how to use Hik connect app on your mobile phone, be it Android or iOS? Doing so is surely a blessing as you can monitor all your Hikvision devices (IP camera, NVR, and DVR) anywhere you want. You can do this by viewing live and replaying your recorders effectively.

Moreover, you may also use the Instant Push notification option using this efficient app. So, use the IP/ Domain or Hikvision P2P to link your Hikvision devices to your mobile phone.

So, walk through this blog to learn how to use Hik connect, the app to link Hikvision devices to your mobile phone.

How to Use Hik Connect App on Mobile

How to use Hik connect app for both android and iOS phones?

You may use Hik connect app on your mobile phone, be it an android or iOS phone, using pretty easy steps. These steps are similar for both phone types and differ in several ways.

Here are the steps to use Hik connect app for both android and iOS phones:

  1. Firstly, download the Hik connect app from Google Play for the android phone and the iOS app store for the iPhones.
  2. Next, open the app and select the country in which you reside.
  3. Next, add your Hikvision device to the Hikvision connect app directly or log in to the Hik connect app. You have these two options. Opt for the best one according to your ease. Moreover, if you cannot decide on the optimal one, contact the seller of your device to inquire about it from him.
  4. A) If you’re opting for the former option, simply click on the + icon at the top right corner. Then click on the Manual Adding Note that this option goes well if you’re using a domain service name.
  5. B) However, if you’re using the Hik Connect service, then simply log in to your account on the app as per the instructions. Note that you will get access to all the Hikvision devices once you log in.
  6. Now on your app, select IP/Domain and enter the details. Once you’re done, click on the icon Save present at the top right corner.
  7. Next, click on the option Start Live View present at the bottom once you see Camera No changes to the right number of cameras you have installed. Note that this indicates that the connection is successful.
  8. Now change the number of live views to watch at the same time by clicking on the number icon “1”, “4”, “9”, “12”, and “16”.
  9. Further change between the clear and fluent views by clicking on the SD
  10. Click on the top left icon to watch the recorded video.
  11. Lastly, select the Playback time, Playback date, and the Camera on which you want to watch the playback records.
  12. Don’t forget to click on Start Playback to complete the steps.


The Hik connect app is great for managing all your Hikvision devices, including IP camera, NVR, and DVR. You may see all the live videos and review them anywhere you want without any hurdles. So, to do so, you must connect the Hik Connect app to the recorders on your mobile phone.

The steps for doing so are the same for Android and iOS phones, except for downloading the app from different stores. Therefore, follow this guide for a quick hereabout on how to use Hik Connect App on a mobile phone for your ease effectively.

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