How to Reset FC Code on ADT Alarm? [ADT Comm Failure]

Has your ADT alarm just disconnected without any reason? This is a pretty common issue these days which occurs due to some minor interruption with the normal working of an ADT alarm.

So, what causes the ADT Fc code error?

ADT Fc code or Failed communication error indicates that your system has been disconnected due to any external or internal factor like damaged equipment and improper phone wiring. However, being a minor issue, you can easily fix it up by recognizing the main cause behind it without even contacting the help center.

Keep reading to learn in detail about the Fc code, its causes, and the steps to reset Fc code on ADT alarm.

How to Reset FC Code on ADT Alarm

What does FC mean on ADT alarm?

The Fc code on an AD alarm stands for “failed to communicate.” It’s just an indicator that alerts you up, indicating some communication error within your alarm. This failed communication problem is not a big deal and can be due to certain internal and external factors.

To fix it up, you just need to identify the main root problem behind it and try to solve it up. Moreover, the best way to get rid of it is to simply reset the Fc code on your ADT alarm. It’s pretty easy to do so and doesn’t require much of your time and energy.

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What causes FC on ADT alarm?

As discussed earlier, certain problems may interrupt the normal communication of your ADT alarm with the other equipment. The best way to handle such a mishap is to check all the different hardware and wirings.

Here are the main causes for Fc code on ADT alarm:

  • Damaged equipment: Torn-out equipment is the most common cause of failed communication. It alters the normal operation of your ADT panel. Moreover, it further deteriorates other parts of your system as well. So, to keep it going well, just maintain them properly and get them repaired whenever you see any sort of disturbances within them.
  • Improper phone wiring: Another major cause behind ADT Fc code is damaged or unsuitable phone wiring. Wear off wire may simply disrupt the signal transmission to the ADT alarm, which may, in return, shows error. Therefore, check your wiring before stepping further to look for any other problem.
  • Unnecessary noise in the phone line: Sudden interference in your phone line due to any voice or disturbance from the service provider results in unwanted chaos. This happens as it causes hurdles in proper communication facilities. To solve this issue, simply contact the service provider and complain to them as soon as possible to avoid any further mishap.
  • Incorrect wiring with the panel: Sometimes, you may just connect the wrong phone wiring with the board, which may totally disturb the whole functioning of the ADT alarm without any delay. So, be careful while connecting the wires and prevent such a misfortune event.
  • Disconnected service: At times, you may experience an interruption in the service without even letting you know. You may consider it a problem from your side; however, it’s huge trouble on the provider’s side. So, if you think that there’s any interruption in the provider’s service, feel free to contact them to get it resolved in no time.
  • Dial out false information: false or misinformation may also simply alter the functioning of your panel system resulting in an Fc code on it.

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How to reset fc code on ADT alarm system?

The best hack to fix the Fc code on your ADT panel is to simply reset it up. This will solve your system’s minor problems, particularly by refreshing it up.

Below are the steps to reset Fc code on ADT alarm system:

  1. The first step is to locate the reset button on your ADT panel keypad.
  2. Next, press the reset button for almost two seconds. Sometimes, this may not work for you. In that case, press the star button (*), then 7, and lastly 2.
  3. Further, wait for a few minutes until your system gets reset.

That’s all. Your system has been refreshed, and you’re all set to start it without any hurdle.

Rarely, all these hacks may still not help you get rid of Fc code. In this scenario, contact your dealer and get his assistance before any further mishap can occur.

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Fc code or Failed communication is a pretty common issue on an ADT alarm which usually occurs due to certain internal or external factors. However, these factors are preventable and can easily be fixed if they get disrupted.

For your convenience, we have explained what the Fc code is, along with the most common causes behind it. Further, we have also mentioned the simplest hacks to get rid of it. You may simply follow the guide to reset your ADT alarm to fix it up in just a heartbeat.

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