(9 Simple Steps) – How to Change Batteries on ADT Panel?

Have you just received a reminder message of low battery on your ADT keypad? Low or weak batteries may create interference with the normal functioning of your ADT alarm system. So, it’s necessary to charge or change the batteries on ADT panel as the earliest time.

So, can you really change the batteries on ADT panel?

Yes, you can easily change the batteries on ADT panel. Each ADT alarm panel requires a 12-volt battery for its functioning. Depending on the requirement, these batteries may be of 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 amps hours. Moreover, they’re usually sealed lead type whose size and capacity differs in each specific type.

Keep reading to learn the step-by-step guide for changing the ADT battery in just a few steps.

How to change batteries on adt panel

How can you order an ADT alarm battery?

It’s pretty simple to order an ADT sensor replacement battery. All you need to do is first get the essential info regarding your alarm system, such as what type of battery it usually has and which brand is more appropriate for it. For this, you need to inspect the older battery yourself or contact a consultant for a clear idea.

After doing so:

  1. After seeing the reviews, order the required ADT alarm battery from any authentic site.
  2. Wait for some time till you receive it.
  3. Follow the steps discussed below as it will save your time and energy.

How can you find your ADT owner’s manual?

ADT owner’s manual is of great importance. It has all the basic instructions and guidelines for every part of your ADT alarm system. It may also enable you to learn how to inspect or change them most simply and easily.

Moreover, you don’t need to worry about replacing them as they’re readily available and accessible. You may also check out the official website of your ADT system and search there. To do so, just search the model of your alarm or identify its picture and get it from there.

One more method is to log into your account at MyADT.com and look for your model. Then using the help center, find the system manual in no time.

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How to change battery in ADT keypad?

Changing batteries on an ADT panel system may sometimes be challenging for you due to the intermixed steps that are pretty confusing.

So, here are the steps to change battery in ADT keypad:

Step 1. Order a new battery

The first step is to recognize the type of battery your ADT system uses. You may search it online or even read the manual you get while purchasing this alarm system.

After doing so, order the battery from any authentic sites or get it from a local retailer after reading the complete description and reviews. This will help you have a solid and clear idea about each of them.

Step 2. Locate the panel control box

After purchasing the new batteries:

  1. Set your ADT system in the test mode.
  2. Locate the panel control box in the building. You may usually find them in the closet, basement, or utility room.
  3. Check everywhere possible and discover as soon as possible to complete the task at the earliest hour likely.

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Step 3. Unplug the transformer

The next step is to locate and unplug the transformer. This transfer is usually plugged into the regular household switch near the panel.  Also, it is generally white, beige, or black.

Moreover, note that if there’s a screw present, you should remove it before unplugging the transformer. After doing so, a new message showing ‘No AC’ would appear on your keypad, indicating that the task to unplug the transformer has been done.

Step 4. Open the control box using the key

After unplugging the transformer, open the control box using the key. The key is usually on the top of the control box, enabling immediate actions when needed.

Step 5. Disconnect the old battery

After opening the control panel box, disconnect the old battery. Simply remove the black battery connector from the black battery terminal and the red battery connector from the red battery terminal. It would be best to wiggle slightly to loosen it and remove it.

However, make sure you do not touch any metal object to the battery terminal. It would cause a short circuit, harming you and others.

Step 6. Install the new battery

After disconnecting the old battery, install the new one. However, make sure you remove any of the outer plastic covering from the new battery or the connectors to avoid any mishap.

Step 7. Connect the wire to the battery terminals

Now, just the way you disconnected the wire from the battery terminals, connect them back. Connect the black wire to the black terminal and the redone to the red terminal. Do this step by pushing the wire firmly to do it much more manageable.

Step 8. Plug the transformer back in the switch

Now, plug the transformer back into the switch. Also, screw it before using the screwdriver after closing the box and locking it back using the key. Moreover, place the key on the top of the box before it is present.

Step 9. Perform the system test

Lastly, perform the system test to ensure the system is working smoothly. Also, reset the system to eradicate unnecessary messages popping on the screen. In addition, note sometimes these batteries may need to be charged before activating. So, do it beforehand.

After completing all the steps, remove your system from the test mode. Now, you’re set to use your ADT alarm panel in the best way possible.

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ADT alarm systems are really essential for security purposes. However, sometimes they may function abnormally due to low battery. The typical battery sign may pop up on the critical pad, hinting concerning it.

Considering all this, we have discussed all the necessary steps you need to follow to change the batteries on the ADT panel system in no time. This guide will surely save your time and energy.

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