[4 Proven Ways] – How To Fix ADT Code 103?

Have you just received a warning message indicating error code 103 on your ADT keypad? This error is pretty common and occurs due to problems related to internet communication or cellular radio.

So, what does ADT error code 103 mean?

ADT code 103 is an error message that appears on the ADT keypad whenever you have an internet connection or cell radio issue. It can also occur because of an unregistered communicator, loose tamper cover, loose cables, and much more. It gives you a proper check and balance system for maintenance and general problems.

Keep reading to learn the causes of this annoying error code 103, along with hacks to fix it in no time.

How to Fix Adt Error Code 103

What’s Meant By “ADT 103 Check Lngrng Radio”?

The warning message ADT 103 check lngrng radio is of great importance. It indicates some sort of problem regarding the system backup communicator. It mostly appears on ADT Safewatch Pro 2000 and Pro 3000 systems when you’re experiencing communication instability.

Furthermore, there’s also an error message Check 103 Long Range Radio directing towards a faulty mobile communicator connected to your ADT system.

In addition, these 103 errors also have a strong connection with the impaired cellular radio having problems with its signal’s transduction.

Therefore, these codes are of infinite importance as they let you know that your system is experiencing some sort of issue and needs to be fixed at the earliest time.

For instance, if there’s a sudden internet issue at your end due to any general problem such as power outage or connection problem. You’ll simply receive the warning message asking you to resolve it as soon as possible.

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What Are The Causes Behind ADT Error Code 103?

A storm surge or heavy rainfall are the most common causes of communication and connection errors. This, as a result, sends warning messages on your keypad asking you for quick repair or resolution of the problem.

Moreover, you now have to detect it and solve it before any mishap can happen. However, you may take guidance from this article as a quick help and support without worrying a bit.

How To Fix ADT Code 103?

Here are the steps to fix ADT code 103:

1. Try testing out your ADT system

The first and most essential step is to test your ADT system. This may help you restore and maintain all the possible communication and network on your alarm system.

Also, it would help if you try this out a few times and at a regular interval because some conditions such as power outages or internet errors may get restored during this period. You don’t need to follow the further steps.

To do so, you need to contact the ADT monitoring service and ask them for a testing service. Later, if the test comes out fine, your ADT code 103 error may go away without creating much chaos for you.

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2. Try turning the ADT system off and then on

Another essential technique is to power cycle your ADT system. This will refresh your system in just a few minutes. All you need to do is switch off the system, then after a few minutes, just it on. This will solve all the fundamental problems that your system may have in it without wasting much of your time and energy.

Moreover, this hack may also go really well if you have a code 103 error due to an improper connection between your mobile phone and the ADT system. So, simply follow this step and check the connections; we bet you will be able to resolve it soon.

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3. Verify the strength of the signals

Sometimes, improper registration of the ADT system or poor signals may alter the whole functioning of the ADT panel. This, then sends you the error message on your phone. Therefore, to encounter this problem, follow the steps below:

  1. The first step is to check your signal intensity. For that, simply enter the installer code +899. This will tell you your signal’s strength.
  2. Next, select any of the following options which may correspond to your system:
    • A message indicating your system is in programming mode.
    • A message indicating a strong signal.
    • A message will appear showing poor or fail. If this occurs, choose with your control panel a much stronger password.

Ensure that the signal strength should be between -94dBm and -20dBm to enable your system to function correctly. If it’s out of this range, you’ll automatically receive error issues.

4. Try fixing the ADT error using your keyboard

This option goes really well f you don’t need any help from the technician. Just follow the steps given below for an efficient hack.

  1. The first step is to place your ADT system in the test mode using your master code and pressing 5.
  2. Next, open your ADT keypad while disconnecting the white cable from the circuit board for 20 to 30 seconds.
  3. Now, reconnect the white line back to the circuit board.
  4. Further, close the keyboard and enter the master code again into your keypad.
  5. Then, press the Off button twice.

After following the steps mentioned above, check the ADT error code on your device. It will definitely go away, enabling your system to work efficiently in no time.

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ADT code 103 error message is of great importance. It tells you that your system may have any sort of connection issue with your internet or cellular device.

We have mentioned all the possible problems leading to such a mishap to tackle such a condition. Also, we have shared some of the easiest hacks that you may effortlessly follow. Moreover, these hacks are pretty simple to follow and wouldn’t require much of your time and energy.

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