Why Is My ADT Doorbell Flashing Red Light [Causes + Fixes]

Have your ADT just started blinking or flashing red light without any obvious cause? This happens pretty often and due to functioning errors.

But, what really causes your doorbell to flash red light?

Low battery and poor internet connection are the main causes for your ADT doorbell flashing or blinking red light. The red light works as an indicator for you to take an action. So, to fix this issue, you may either recharge, change the battery or improve the internet connection.

Keep reading to learn the causes for your ADT doorbell flashing red light along with some straightforward hacks to fix it up.

why is my adt doorbell flashing red

Why is my ADT doorbell flashing red light?

Sometimes, these doorbells may show errors such as blinking or flashing red lights, inaccessibility, and unforeseen issues. However, these issues are easily reversible and can be fixed without heading to the customer care outlet

Here are the causes for your ADT doorbell flashing red light:

1. Low battery

Red light flashing from your doorbell indeed indicates a warning sign. It may point towards a functioning error, the most important of which include a low battery or battery that is about to end soon and needs to be charged at the earliest time. Since it doesn’t show how long the doorbell may function well without the charge, you need to charge it as soon as possible without hindering its functioning.

Moreover, there may be other issues with the battery apart from low charging. In that case, you may simply replace the old batteries with the new ones to avoid any mishap occurring.

2. Poor internet connection

Another possible cause may be unstable or poor internet connection altering the function of your ADT doorbell. To confirm it, you need to check your Wi-Fi connection and later any issues with the router. If you still don’t find any problem with them, then look at the strength of the Internet connection, which may get altered at times.

For the internet connection to work best, it should have at least 90% power strength or 2 Mbps upload speed. Furthermore, you may notice a red circle around the ADT doorbell specifically for the internet connectivity errors. So, fix it up, and soon this flashing red light or process will disappear, and you’ll see the blue light usually present on an ADT doorbell.

How to fix ADT doorbell flashing red light?

As mentioned above, ADT doorbell errors are pretty reversible. So, you can quickly fix them without contacting any expert or heading to the service care center for help.

Here are the methods to fix the ADT doorbell flashing red light:

1. Recharging your ADT doorbell

The foremost step is to recharge your ADT doorbell if it has a low battery. The blinking red light usually indicates that your doorbell may soon turn off as its functioning ability is poor due to poor battery.

The battery life of each ADT alarm may differ depending upon different ADT battery signaling. Moreover, it, therefore, needs an urgent charging facility to function correctly.

So, just grab the charger and connect the doorbell as soon as possible to prevent it from turning off.

2. Changing the ADT doorbell

Sometimes, low battery is not the case, but its poor functioning is the primary concern due to its impairment. In this scenario, the only way to resolve this problem is to replace the battery at the earliest time.

Get a new battery from nearby stores and change the older ones. This needs to be done as quickly as possible. You may lose the doorbell for some brief time which may endanger your safety.

3. Try fixing your internet connection

After checking out the battery, the next step is to confirm whether your internet connection is adequate for your doorbell to function effectively or not.

Two significant issues may alter this, the most common of which is poor signal while the other is network proper. The red ring is a confirmatory sign of an internet issue; therefore, fix it before looking for any other concerns.

To do so, either change the router if it’s defective or disconnect and then connect the device again if there’s some connectivity error. Soon after, you’ll see the steady blue light in your ADT alarm indicating a well-functioning device in no time.

4. Hardwiring your ADT doorbell camera

The ultimate solution to all the problems concerning your ADT doorbell is to hardwire it up to your home’s electronic system. This will abolish the need for charging in the future. But unfortunately, this is a tricky thing to do.

Most homeowners find it pretty challenging to indulge with the electrical wires. So, you may simply contact the electrician, in this case, to avoid any mishap and get your task done in no time.

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Sometimes these ADT doorbells may show an error by flashing a red alarm. This mainly occurs due to low battery or poor internet connection.

Therefore, in this article, we have discussed all the possible hacks that you may follow to resolve such an issue in no time.

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