How to Turn Off ADT Alarm System without Code?

how to turn off adt alarm system without code

ADT alarm panel has an advanced system that monitors and controls your security without burdening you at all. Its high alert alarm rings whenever there’s something suspicious going around. Also, you may place a camera too to record everything. Later, you may watch the video if you ever suspect anything weird.

However, the ADT alarm may sometimes turn on by accident with no emergency. You usually need to contact the authorities to disarm it, but, in this case, you may turn it off without any code. This will prevent any chaos around the neighborhood. Therefore, in this article, we shall discuss how to turn off ADT alarm system without code in no time.

How to disable ADT alarm system without code?

ADT alarm system has some triggering conditions that may turn it on, making it ring. Therefore, it’s necessary to be aware of all the triggers that may prevent such a condition. In addition, there are some digital sensors on the doors and windows that may break off by an intruder.

In any case, it’s pretty necessary to turn this system off to avoid any chaos in the surrounding, especially if there’s no danger around. Usually, whenever the ADT alarm turns on, it is aware of the security team. They arise at the earliest time to secure your place and deactivate the alarm system. However, you may disable this alarm yourself, too, without using any security code you have forgotten or lost.

Below are the steps you need to disarm your security alarm without any code.

  1. The first step is to unplug the transformer box of your ADT alarm and remove its battery. This transformer box is usually present in the basement or closet near the main switch box or circuit breaker. So, locate the fuse or switch box beforehand to get this process done at the earliest time. Moreover, note that removing the battery is very important. Just unplugging will not help you in this step.
  2. Next, you need to open up the main circuit breaker of your home locate the switch supplying electrical current to your ADT alarm. This circuit breaker box is usually inside near your alarm’s transformer box. Carefully follow the wire leading the way to the switch.
  3. Lastly, turn off the switch, and your alarm will turn within a heartbeat.

These steps are pretty simple and easy to follow. The best thing is it doesn’t require much of your time and energy. However, it’s better to know the location of the transformer box and circuit breaker box priorly. Otherwise, it will create further chaos and disturbances.

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ADT alarm systems are the only best way to secure your place with high-functioning equipment. Its alarm rings and alerts the whole surrounding whenever something suspicious happens. However, it may often turn on accidentally by the triggers. In this case, you may turn it off yourself without the help of the authorities to avoid any chaos in the neighborhood.

This article provides a step-by-step guide to disabling your ADT alarm system yourself most easily and simply. So, follow the steps discussed above to turn it off without any security code you might have lost or forgotten.


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