(Updated) – How to Use ADT WIFI Camera without Service?

Is your ADT Wi-Fi out of the service agreement and now you want a way out without any subscription charges? This is possible and luckily you don’t need to spend much of your time and energy to do so.

So, is there any way to use ADT Wi-Fi camera without service?

No, officially there isn’t any way to use ADT Wi-Fi camera without service. However, there are some alternative ways that may help to do so. These include some DIY approaches that are pretty easy to opt for.

Keep reading to learn how to use ADT Wi-Fi camera without service. Also, we shall walk through details of some cameras that require ADT service and much more.

how to use adt wifi camera without service

Can I use ADT cameras without service?

ADT service usually asks its customers to sign a contract agreement at the time of purchase which permits the installation of the ADT system in your home. Along with that, you need to pay some installation fees for the service. Also, the ADT cameras and their other devices need to be linked with their monitoring server systems.

In addition, the service enables you to install the Pulse application, which allows you to view live and recorded footage and videos. It also connects the user with other linked devices like smart bulbs, smart switches, home locks, smart home alarms, and much more.

Officially, you cannot use ADT Wi-Fi camera without the service. However, they’re specific alternatives that can enable you to do so.

How to use ADT WIFI camera without service?

As you know, ADT offers a service, ADT blue, that enables you to install a home monitoring system. However, you may need to do without purchasing this service using a DIY approach. For this, you’ll not have to pay a single penny monthly or sign any contract and have a unique system in no time.

Moreover, it will enable indoor and outdoor cameras with facial recognition, 2- way talk, night vision, and HD video recording opportunity. So, what are you waiting for? Search for the DIY methods to install this feature without investing much of your time, energy, and money.

However, the only drawback is that there’s no professional monitoring for it, and you need to ensure its quality yourself.

Furthermore, another way is to opt for devices sold in bundles or separately by the firm. This option goes well as you don’t need to pay or sign any contract here.

Which cameras require ADT service?

The ADT service is limited to a few cameras that are specialized and specified for your environment. The best thing about them is that they both can function without active service. However, if you want to record or save any footage, you’ll need to have an ADT service or plan for it.

Below are the cameras that require ADT service:

1. ADT Pro HD Security Camera

It can provide HD images with two-way communications with unique software-enabled video analytics.

2. ADT Pro HD Indoor security camera

As the name suggests, it’s specified for indoor security. It has the same features as that of the outdoor one.

Can you use other cameras with ADT services?

You may use other smart devices with the ADT services using the Pulse App. However, make sure that you use the camera provided by the ADT to avail of this facility. The other devices besides the camera that use this service include smart switches and smart bulbs. They’re Z-wave compatible devices and therefore can be connected easily.

Is it necessary to have an internet connection to use ADT cameras?

A good internet connection is vital to use ADT cameras. Without internet services, you may not run anything such as transmitting videos to the ADT cloud. Besides the excellent internet service, you’ll need to have remarkable line-in for power as well.

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The ADT officials do not allow to run off adt cameras without signing the contract. However, alternate ways may enable you to utilize this feature without any service installation.

This article has discussed the most feasible techniques to use an ADT camera without any service. Also, we have poured some light on cameras that require ADT service and whether other cameras be used with the ADT services.

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