Why Is My ADT Camera Not Recording Clips? [6 Easy Fixes]

Was your camera working absolutely fine but suddenly stopped recording clips? This happen due to minor issues and bugs by which your camera may stop recording and thus show glitches.

So, what are the causes for your ADT camera not recording clips?

The main causes for your ADT camera not recording clips are inaccurate motion detection settings and poor Wi-Fi signal. Moreover, monitoring software, poor cloud settings, and power issues may also create such issues at time.

Keep reading to learn the main causes for your ADT camera not detecting motion along with some pretty easy hacks to fix them up.

adt camera not recording clips

Why is ADT camera not working?

Many reasons can alter the normal functioning of your ADT system. Most of the cameras may just simply stop detecting motion or may stop recording at all.

Here are the main causes why your ADT doorbell camera not recording:

1. Incorrect detection settings

Incorrect detection settings are one of the most common causes behind your ADT camera not sensing any motion. This problem usually occurs when you have recently bought a new ADT device that altered settings. However, you can adjust this pretty quickly without any help or support.

2. Poor Wi-Fi signals

The ADT device, an outdoor security system, requires strong signals and may sometimes not receive poor signals. This results in the inability of your device to work smoothly. One of the most common issues includes its camera just stopping working or not detecting any motion.

3. Poor cloud storage

Sometimes, there may not be enough cloud storage for the recorded videos. This may result in an inability to load or view recorded videos. Sometimes, your camera may not even respond as well. Checking the videos on time and deleting them when not required is always the best option.

4. Old monitoring software

Recent software is essential for the better functioning of your ADT systems. Outdated ones may create several problems at your side, which need to be avoided at any cost to have a smooth performance of all the equipment.

5. Outdated camera firmware

This may also create a hindrance in the performance of your ADT’s camera. You need to update it when necessary to work efficiently without sensitivity errors.

6. Power issues

Lastly, power issues are the most critical factors that can interrupt your ADT’s working. You need to have full access for it not to face any issues, especially concerning the camera and recording abilities.

How to fix the ADT camera not recording?

Fixing your ADT camera not recording or sensing motion is pretty simple. You just need to rule out the cause behind it and then solve it accordingly.

Here are the steps to fix ADT camera not recording clips:

1. Check ADT motion sensor settings

Disrupted ADT motion sensor settings are a pretty common cause behind your camera not working well or not waking up. All you can do is change them accordingly and solve this issue quickly.

To do so, simply adjust your camera’s sensitivity, time frame, and arming state by heading into the camera settings. This will help you to start recording with the desired setting and features.

2. Check proper wi-fi signals for your ADT

ADT cameras are mostly placed outdoors, facing errors concerning Wi-Fi signals. If they’re weak, your camera will stop working at all or show issues in recording or sensing motion.

Check your Wi-Fi signal strength through the ADT app to solve this problem. An indication may warn you if the signal strength is insufficient for the ADT panel system to work smoothly.

If the signals are weak, you may shift the Wi-Fi device nearest the camera. Also, you may even get a Wi-Fi extender for full-strength signals if moving the device is not an option for you.

3. Check the available cloud storage

Sometimes your ADT’s camera may stop recording or showing the recorded video clips when there’s not enough space in Cloud Storage. You may check the storage capacity through the ADT Pulse mobile app. If it’s less, you can buy some storage packages available there.

Another option may be deleting irrelevant video clips regularly to have good storage.

The best option is to check videos as they occur and delete them when not useful for you.

4. Check for the recent monitoring software

Outdated software always has a destructive impact on the proper functioning of all devices. You always need to update them when required. Moreover, you may also keep them on auto-update to be corrected whenever new updates come. So, check the settings accordingly and solve this problem in just a heartbeat.

5. Check for the recent firmware

Like the monitoring software, you need to have the recent version of the Firmware. You may download or update them as required. Also, keeping it on auto-update is always the best thing you can do. So, opt for it and make your life very simple and easy concerning this issue.

6. Check for any power issues

Power issues are the most common hurdle you can have concerning your ADT camera not working. You can check the main switchboard and the wires for any interruptions. You may get assistance from a skilled person as well. Also, try to avoid touching the broken cables and switches.

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ADT camera not recording or working well is a pretty common issue. However, it’s reversible, and you can quickly get rid of the underlying cause. You need to find the central problem concerning it and then resolve it.

Keeping this in our mind, we have talked about the most critical problems that can cause your camera not to work well. Also, we have listed a few hacks to solve them as well. So, what are you waiting for? Read this article to learn about the ADT camera not recording or sensing motion.

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