How to Change ADT Alarm Code – (Duress/Master/Default)

Do you know you have three types of ADT alarm code? These include ADT duress code, ADT master code, and ADT default code. These ADT alarm codes have different operative usage, typically for your verification.

However, you may need to change it sometimes, especially when you’re not sure who can use them in your absence.

So, can you really change the ADT alarm codes?

Yes, you can change the ADT alarm codes pretty simply. However, all the three codes have different ways that you need to opt to change them.

Keep reading to learn about the three ADT alarm codes and how to change them using the simple steps.

how to change adt alarm code

How many types are there?

There are three types of ADT alarm codes or access codes. Each of them has its unique function specified to keep your ADT alarm system safe at any cost. Also, these codes have their authorization and privileges of different levels. The essential ADT alarm code includes:

  1. ADT duress code
  2. ADT master code
  3. ADT default code

What is the ADT duress code?

The ADT duress code specified as 33 or 34 is essential for any emergency. Its primary function is to activate your alarm immediately when you press this code. Moreover, the best thing about this code is that it sends a silent alerting message to the police station, which can come to your place at the earliest time possible.

Furthermore, this code has been frequently used when someone forcefully asks the other person responsible for disarming the alarm system. In this scenario, they press the duress code, which alerts the authorities without letting anyone know about it. However, keep in mind this code is not functional in the programming mode.

What is the ADT master code?

The ADT master code is a highly specified access code for your alarm system. It mainly indicates the administrator or top-level access to your ADT alarm panel.

Moreover, it basically manages all the essential info and settings regarding your system. This shows that this code is of super importance, and hence you should never share it with anyone.

You may change, edit, delete any info in your system. Also, it enables you to arm or disarm your ADT alarm panel and add more users to your system. Further, it also helps you change the other access codes in no time and specific settings and personal data concerning your privacy and identity.

What is the ADT default code?

This ADT default code or user access code is at the minimum level regarding privilege and authorization. It simply allows you to arm or disarm your alarm system.

Hence it is a minimal code but has its advantages. You may simply press this code for easy and immediate functioning or closure of your alarm system wherever and whenever you want.

Note that this access code doesn’t have access to the system’s settings or setup, making it very restricted.

How to change ADT alarm code?

Here are the easiest and simplest ways to follow step-by-step to change your ADT alarm codes without any need to contact the customer service team.

Change ADT duress code

ADT duress code is the code given by the company enabling you to contact the authorities in any uncertain situation. This code is usually 33 or 34, but few systems may use code 2580 for it.

Therefore, you need to ask the seller beforehand to avoid any mishap. Moreover, being a part of the ADT model, you cannot change these codes.

Change ADT master code

This ADT master code is the chief of all the other codes discussed earlier. Therefore, it needs to be secured all the time. However, you may change it too if you don’t want other people to use this code or when you’re not sure who knows this highly prestigious code.

To change this code, being the owner of this alarm, you should know the existing master code. It’s really essential to know it for changing purposes to let the system recognize your identity. Otherwise, you’ll need to contact ADT customer service for their assistance.

Here are the steps to change your ADT master code:

  1. The first step is to press the (*) star key present on your keypad and then 5.
  2. Next, enter the current master mode. If you do this step right, an armed red light will show up, and the yellow system light will flash.
  3. Now, enter the number 40 from your keypad. This number may differ depending upon the model you’re using for your ADT alarm. This step will help you to reprogram the code.
  4. You may now enter a four or six-digit code depending upon the requirement of your system. After doing so, press the key # to finish the process.
  5. Lastly, test your system using this new ADT master code to ensure it’s working.

After changing your master code through the ADT portal, you’ll need to change it manually on your control unless you have a system that does it automatically. To do so, follow the steps given below:

  1. Head to and enter your email and password.
  2. Next, select Security Panel using your mouse.
  3. Now, click on the option Change Master code.
  4. Lastly, enter the new code in the box that will soon show up and press save at the end.

Don’t forget to test your system after following the steps accurately.

Change ADT default code

The steps to change the ADT default code are very similar to that of the master code.

Here are the steps to change ADT default code:

  1. The first step is to press the star key (*) and then number 5 on your keypad.
  2. Next, enter your master code to select the code you want to change mentioned by 01 to 32.
  3. Now, enter the new four to six-digit code depending on your system’s requirement.
  4. At the end, press the key # to finish the programming. After doing so, test your system for efficient results.

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ADT alarm codes are three in number with individual functions. Also, they are essential at different levels specified with other security concerning features.

You may change them anywhere and anytime except for the ADT duress, which is unchangeable. In this article, you’ll find what each alarm code is, its functions, and how you can change them using simple steps in no time.

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