Where to Put Fire Extinguishers? (5 Recommended Places)

God Forbid! If any nearby place around you catches fire, it would be disastrous, especially when you haven’t arranged any measures. The best way to control such a situation is to implant fire extinguishers at every end.

So, what are the best places to put a fire extinguisher?

The best locations to place the fire extinguisher include the kitchen away from the heat, bedrooms near electrical equipment, and the garage near heavy machinery. Moreover, you may put it in your offices near the stairs or the easily accessible corner.

Read on to learn all the important locations to place the fire extinguishers in detail.

where to put fire extinguishers

Important Factors to Keep In Mind

As mentioned earlier, fire extinguishers hold a significant place in humans’ lives. These gadgets have made it possible for the people stuck in fire emergencies to save themselves from the fire-related worse consequences, like extreme degree burns and destruction of the affected area.

There are many features to ponder while you attempt to place fire extinguishers in different places, which are as follows;

  • First of all, the fire extinguishers must be installed at convenient heights so that people who are even short-heighted do not have to struggle a lot while pressing it off.
  • The primary importance of placing the extinguishers at accessible heights is their easy availability.
  • Next, you must remember that you must install these fire extinguishers in areas that are more prone to catch fire. For instance, kitchens and mechanical garages must contain at least one extinguisher!
  • Another essential factor to keep in mind while installing the fire extinguishers is that the device’s wall must be plain so that everyone can easily see the red-colored extinguisher!
  • Lastly, the utmost important point is that every person in every office, home, restaurant, garage, etc., must have complete information about where all the extinguishers are present.

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Best place to put a fire extinguisher

Possessing fire extinguishers and placing them in the wrong and inaccessible locations are the worst blunders one can make. For instance, if you are about to mount a fire extinguisher very near the source of heat, have you ever imagined how difficult it would be when the source erupts fire?

Here are the best places to put a fire extinguisher:

1. Place a Fire Extinguisher Away from the Source of Heat

Every place can have some sources that are responsible for heat production. Like, your kitchen is the source of maximum heat production in your house. Similarly, kitchens in offices are also responsible for producing heat. Besides, heat furnaces during winters also emit out full heat.

It is no rocket science that a fire cannot occur without heat; there must be some heat source responsible for the erupted fire. Therefore, some people might think that placing a fire extinguisher nearest to the heat sources is a genius decision to take, while it’s the worst thing one can do!

Please remember that fire extinguishers must be placed away from the heat sources, or you can say within 30 feet of the heat sources. The importance of setting a fire extinguisher away from the heat source is that when the fire erupts, you will not have to go to the source that is already emitting so much heat!

On the contrary, people who install fire extinguishers nearest to the heat sources get extensive degree burns due to attempts they make while trying to turn on the extinguisher. Hopefully, you can understand the difference between both locations!

2. Place a Fire Extinguisher in Kitchen

We all know that kitchens are the most common cause of house fires. Whenever you hear about a house catching fire, the reason is the kitchen most of the time. Precisely, the stoves in the kitchen are responsible for house fires.

Therefore, it is imperative to have at least one fire extinguisher installed in your kitchen. As mentioned earlier, you must not install the savior very near the stove or right on the top of it; else, you will not be able to save yourself in a dreadful situation, unfortunately.

You can place the extinguisher near your kitchen door, preferably not behind it. Besides, it would help if you remembered while mounting an extinguisher in your kitchen is that it must not contain water for extinguishing purposes.

Since most of the time, the kitchen fires are greasy/oil-containing in nature, which would increase in size if anyone tries to put them off with water.

The rules and regulations mentioned above are not hard and fast ones. However, it would help to practice these while placing fire extinguishers in any kitchen at home or in a restaurant.

3. Place a Fire Extinguisher in Bedroom

As mentioned earlier, kitchens are on top for causing house fires. However, sometimes, any electrical device in your bedroom may be responsible for the fire. Therefore, it would be best if you installed an extinguisher inside your bedroom.

In addition, sometimes, the fire occurs in any other part of the house, and unfortunately, you have to cross that affected area to reach the fire extinguisher, worrisome, no? We believe nobody would ever want to be stuck in a similar horrible situation. Therefore, it is better to have fire extinguishers in different house parts like bedrooms.

4. Place a Fire Extinguisher in Mechanical Garages/Workshops

Understandably, garages and workshops where heavy machines are present to repair vehicles are prone to fire incidents.

Therefore, one must not neglect the proper fire extinguisher placement in such areas. In addition, if the garage or workshop is quite a large area, then there must be adequate numbers of fire extinguishers present.

Once again, you must remember that you should not put the extinguisher nearest to the heat sources. It would be better to install the device slightly away from the source, but it must be easily accessible to all. In addition, such places must have at least one fire extinguisher installed at the entrance.

5. Placing an Adequate Number of Fire Extinguishers in Offices

Fire extinguishers in offices are the facilities that the employees must have! Even if the office where you work occupies a small space, it must contain at least two to three extinguishers.

However, if the office occupies more space and covers around two to three floors of a building, each floor must possess an adequate number of fire extinguishers.

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In Conclusion

Undeniably, fire extinguishers are crucial devices that every place must possess! Fire does not necessarily erupt from something already burning; there are times when your electric socket can cause fire due to short-circuit! Therefore, in this article, we have tried our best to give you the best locations to put fire extinguishers.

Hopefully, it will prove helpful!

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