[4 Easy Ways] – How to Turn off Fire Alarm in Apartment?

Have you ever been in a situation where your fire alarm rings in the apartment without any external stimulus? This may often happen due to some malfunction that may create chaos around you.

So, why does my apartment fire alarm keep going off?

A poor or low-powered battery is the most common cause for your fire alarm to turn on randomly in the apartment. Other causes include dust accumulation within the system or poor device installation. Moreover, pesky insects may also trigger your fire alarm.

Keep reading to learn the hacks to turn off the fire alarm in the apartment.

how to turn off fire alarm in apartment

How to turn off fire alarm in apartment?

Below are the hacks to turn off fire alarm in apartment:

1. Switching off the battery motorized fire detector

The battery motorized fire detector has a visible red flashing light that can be seen in the dark. Moreover, the best thing about this super crucial device is that it doesn’t activate other devices placed near it as it rings, which doesn’t create chaos around you.

Here are a few steps that you may follow to silence this detector whenever it rings abnormally.

  • The first step is to locate the activated unit of this device. As discussed earlier, it is pretty simple to detect it because the red spot on it is visible in the dark too.
  • The next step is to reset the fire alarm. To do so, you just need to press or hold the button for a few seconds. However, in some devices, there’s an internal structure that regulates the setup. So, you need to unscrew the device and then adjust the settings by pressing the button present inside.
  • Lastly, if the beeping sound still doesn’t turn off after resetting the fire alarm, then just simply remove the batteries. To do so, unscrew the device from the ceiling and then take off the batteries for some time.
  • You may also replace them with the new ones as the older ones may abruptly produce dysfunction, especially if you occasionally hear a beeping rather than a complete rapid one.

You may also replace the battery motorized fire detector with a new one if you notice irreversible damage or impairment.

2. Switching off the hardwired fire alarm

The hardwired fire alarm system has the connection between multiple devices placed together. Therefore, as soon as one of them starts ringing, the rest of them get an external stimulus, enabling them to ring. However, if you shut one of them, all the others switch off too.

Here are the steps to turn off hardwired fire alarm in apartment:

  • The first step is to reset each alarm. The process is simple as you just need to press the button present on the device. However, if your device is pretty old, it will have a system of resetting within it. So, for that, you need to unscrew and open the device and then adjust the settings. Further, some devices may have a keypad control system that needs user manual code for deactivation.
  • Next, if resetting the system don’t help you by any mean, then try turning on the circuit breaker. You may need to flip the number of circuit breakers depending upon the devices connected to it.
  • If the alarm still rings even after turning the circuit breaker, try disconnecting each smoke alarm. For that, you need to remove the wire connected to each circuit breaker, or you may simply pull off the device attached to the wall. However, make sure you shut off the power supply before doing so, as it may help in avoiding shock or any such mishap.
  • If you don’t have much idea about wirings and electrical equipment, simply call the apartment manager for help. This will also help you overcome unwanted stress and avoid panic at the place at the earliest time.

3. Switch off the inactive fire detector

The inactive smoke or fire detectors have a silence button that needs to be pressed to switch off.

Follow the steps below to deactivate such a device in no time.

  • The most initial step is to press the silence button present on the alarm system simply. Everything will get normal within a few seconds.
  • If the silence button doesn’t help you turn off the alarm, you may try removing the main power source, which will deactivate the system within it. To do so, simply pull out the alarm, remove the batteries, or simply detach the cables.
  • Suppose you have a digital system on your alarms. In that case, you need to contact the user manual services for the deactivating code that will help you switch off the smoke or fire detector within a heartbeat.

4. Switching the commercial fire alarm

The large commercial fire alarms have a control panel system that is usually present in the breaker room.

To switch it off, follow the guide below:

  • The first step is to identify the fire alarm control panel.
  • Next, open the box up and insert the verification code, as it will then enable you to use the control system.
  • Now you’re all set to switch off or adjust the settings of a fire alarm. You may either press the silence button or simply reset it accordingly.

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Fire or smoke alarms have a specialized system that detects smoke and rings a beeping sound to warn people. However, these devices may abnormally function at times and produce a continuous sound that is totally uncontrollable.

Therefore, in this article, we have discussed the easiest ways to deactivate different alarms in no time. This will help you to control the situation and avoid chaos and unwanted disturbances in no time.

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