[5 Easy Steps] – How To Change Smoke Alarm Battery

Are you here because you heard random beeping from your smoke alarm? This may occur due to old or low-powered batteries. Therefore, it’s crucial to have a proper schedule for smoke detector maintenance.

So, can you change smoke alarm battery?

Yes, you may easily change the smoke alarm battery without interrupting their function. All you need to do is follow the step-buy-step guide to do so.

Read on to learn how to change battery in first alert smoke alarm in no time. Moreover, we shall also put some light on how to test these batteries without interrupting their function.

how to change battery in smoke detector

How to change battery in smoke detector?

Before heading to the smoke detector battery replacement steps, don’t forget to deactivate the mounting bracket lock of the alarm.

Here are the steps to change the battery in smoke detector:

1. Remove The Smoke Alarm

It’s pretty evident that you first need to remove the fire or smoke alarm from the ceiling to change the fire alarm’s batteries. To do so, you would need a flathead screwdriver. Next, use it in placement between the mounting’s bracket and the bracket pin and run counterclockwise or at the left for efficient results.

2. Remove The Pin From The Battery Lock

The second step is to remove the locking pin. To do so, you’ll again need a flathead screwdriver which will enable you to remove it in no time without putting much of your energy.

3. Replace The Batteries

Now, it’s time to change the batteries of your fire or smoke alarm. First, remove the older ones and keep them aside before holding the new ones as you may mix them up and get confused.

Further, we suggest you always opt for high-quality batteries that can last longer for at least six months. The cheap and poor-quality ones may even deteriorate the internal components of your device.

4. Relock The Battery Compartment

An essential step that people usually forget is to relocking the battery compartment of your detector. To do so, you need to close the battery door and replace its pin. You may even reinsert the locking pin that you removed previously before changing the battery.

However, if you find them damaged, you can get a new one from any nearby electrical equipment shop without any hurdle.

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5. Testing The Smoke Detector

The last yet most essential step is to test the batteries you inserted into your smoke detector. This step needs to be done before reattaching the device to the ceiling, as you may need to repeat all the steps if it doesn’t work well later on.

To test the smoke detector, just press the test button present on the sensor. You may consult the support center if you can’t find it.

Suppose you hear a beeping sound after pressing the button. In that case, it clearly shows that the smoke detector is excellent and ready to be placed again on the ceiling. However, if you don’t hear any sound, it means there’s still some problem with the batteries, or maybe your device has some internal issues.

When To Replace The Smoke Detector Battery?

The schedule for smoke alarm battery replacement depends upon the type of battery you’re using. The good-quality batteries function really well and for a long time. However, the cheaper ones are relatively poor in quality and would have a shorter life.

In addition, the smoke detector battery replacement needs to be done once or twice per year. However, you may need to do it more often, depending on its usage and other external factors.

Also, it’s always better to have some extra batteries at home, so if you ever face sudden beeping of your detector, you may change its batteries in no time without letting it create any chaos.

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Smoke alarm battery replacement needs to be done annually or biannually for its effective and efficient functioning. With low-powered batteries, the detector may just stop functioning, or it may produce sudden beeping sounds at a regular interval.

Considering all this, we have described a step-by-step guide on how to change the battery in a smoke detector in just a heartbeat without creating chaos or panicking a bit. So, read on to learn all about smoke alarm battery replacement.


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