What Does the Fire Alarm Number Meaning? (1 to 6 Fire Level)

Have you ever wondered what the fire alarm number means in general? Many of us might not be familiar with different terms professional people use in fire department systems like firefighters and commanders. However, these terms are quite important, especially when there is a panic situation while a place has caught fire.

So, what do fire alarm numbers mean?

One can universally assign different numbers to fire alarms, like fire alarms 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. Each fire alarm number relates to how many firefighters and evacuating machinery should reach the destination. Besides, these fire alarm numbers also help decide the size and structure of the fire.

Keep reading to learn in detail about the fire alarm numbers.

fire alarm number meaning

Fire alarm systems and their significance

In the current era of huge buildings containing many offices, restaurants, and what not in the same place, and cities with a dense population of people, the fire alarm systems are life saviors!

Let’s say there is a 20-story building which accommodates thousands and thousands of people from different offices. Then, on one unfortunate day, fire erupts in the building, and there are no fire alarm systems.

The consequences in such a case are unable to visualize, indeed! However, buildings, homes, schools, colleges, universities, and any place containing functional fire alarm systems, are safe even when fire sets up!

These alarms help in the immediate evacuation of people from the affected area. In addition, there is a rapid call to the fire department so that an adequate number of firefighters arrive with the required machinery at the place without any delay.

Hence, these unique fire alarm systems save people, and early fire removal prevents massive damage to the affected area. Therefore, the recovery occurs speedily!

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Fire alarm number meaning

The fire alarm numbers indicate the total number of firefighters and evacuating machinery should reach the destination as early as possible.

Below is the detail of what each fire alarm number indicates:

One alarm fire

The first and foremost response to any fire alarm refers to one fire alarm. As a basic response to the alarm, the fire department systems send at least two fire fighting vehicles, a rescue team, a truck that contains a ladder, and ahead or chief who can guide the firefighters appropriately.

However, if the one-alarm fire team reaches the fire-affected area and believes they need another group, they usually call for the two-alarm fire.

Two alarm fire

Two-alarm fire calls for the additional workforce and important equipment required to extinguish the fire at the affected area. It usually consists of more vehicles that may go up to 13 in number and special trucks containing oxygen-providing equipment like tanks.

Three alarm fire

As the number suggests, the three-alarm fire refers to a severe and harmful fire that would take a long time to put out the fire. Therefore, the three-alarm fire calls for more workforce, which means many rescue units and vehicles that must contain oxygen tanks and other important stuff.

In addition, the fire department also sends media teams and trucks loaded with drinks and electrolyte fluids for firefighters.

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Four alarm fire

The four fire alarm is for the hazardous fire that rarely occurs. As per different fire department systems, the four fire alarm refers to the fire that happens not more than twice a year. This alarm calls around 60 firefighters with at least 6 chiefs. In addition, in this alarm call, there are up to 21 vehicles.

Five alarm fire

Normally, five-alarm fires do not happen because the earlier alarms are enough to combat the fire and put it out. However, if the firefighters in the affected area believe that they need to call the five-alarm fire, things would become quite serious.

The five-alarm fire calls for 11 ladder companies, nearly 20 engine companies, rescue units, and many specialized units like oxygen tanks and trucks loaded with snacks and drinks.

Six alarm fire

This alarm fire usually calls for help from fire department systems from other districts since the fire cannot get under control with the available staffing and high-tech machinery.

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In Conclusion

Fire alarm systems are important, and every building must have these for everyone’s safety. In this article, we have tried our best to briefly discuss the fire alarm systems, their significance, and what each fire alarm number indicates. Hopefully, it will prove helpful!


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