6 Causes Why Is My Septic Alarm Going Off? [5 Easy Fixes]

Have you ever heard that noise in the middle of the night that sounds like a siren? If you have, then chances are your septic alarm is going off.

So, can septic alarm go off randomly?

Yes, septic alarm may go off randomly. The most common cause for it include weather issues. However, power and pump issues may also play great role in doing so.

Keep reading to learn what septic alarm is, most common causes that may trigger it to ring randomly. Also, we shall discuss all the possible hacks to fix such an issue.

why is my septic alarm going off

What Is Septic Alarm?

A septic alarm is an alarm attached to the septic tank so that when the septic tank fills up, it sounds off. This way, you won’t have to worry about your septic tank filling up and causing problems in your yard or surrounding area.

In addition, septic alarms are beneficial for septic systems that are difficult to access or are not easily visible.

How does septic Alarm work?

If you have a septic tank with a pump, make sure to put up a timer. This timer will limit the pumping duration of wastewater into the drain field.

During periods of increased water consumption, this prevents the drain field from being overloaded.

Timers regulate the pump’s operation by turning it on and off at specific times. There is too much water in the system between pumping cycles, and it will have nowhere to go except into the pump tank. This raises the water level in the pump tank until the controls turn back on and enable it to start again.

Because septic tank alarms are set to sound when they reach a certain level, you can tell right away if there is an issue because it will start beeping.

Why Is My Septic Alarm Going Off?

There are several reasons why your septic alarm sound. If you hear the septic alarm going off, make sure to find out why it is alarming and how you can fix the problem right away.

Here are some common reasons why septic tank alarms going off:

1. Weather issues:

One of the common reason septic tank alarms go off is because of heavy rainfall. For example, heavy rain around your drain field might block water from flowing out of your septic system, resulting in your alarm going off.

2. Power Issues:

Another reason septic tank alarms go off is a power failure. For example, a septic alarm that does not have backup power might sound if a complete septic system fails, resulting from a power outage or generator failure.

3. Pump issues:

If your septic tank is not pumped regularly, a septic system will overflow, and the Alarm starts beeping. This Alarm means that you need to get the septic tank pumped as soon as possible.

4. Floating issues:

Another septic alarm is due to floating issues. When the septic alarm goes off, it means that your septic tank has excessive amounts of water in it. So make sure to get the septic tank pumped if you hear the septic alarm going off.

5. Problems With Drainage System:

The septic alarm can also go off if your drain system is not working as it should. For example, if a septic tank is installed above the septic drainage system, then you might need to clean the septic tank before something terrible happens because of septic tank overflow.

6. Tank filter issues:

One septic alarm that goes off is due to septic tank filter issues. If the septic tank has not been cleaned for a long time, the septic system might need a tank cleaning service.

Make sure to check the septic tank filter regularly to avoid getting clogged with dirt and debris.

What to do when septic alarm goes off?

If the septic alarm goes off, make sure to handle the problem as soon as possible. Septic tank alarm going off means that something is wrong, and it could be a system issue or not.

Here are the steps to turn off septic tank alarm:

1. Check the power

If the septic tank alarm goes off, the first thing to do is check the septic tank power. For example, the alarm might go off if the septic tank has not been pumped out for a long time or no backup power is installed.

  • Turn on the alarm or push the red button to turn the alarm off.
  • Check for the green light as it indicates the alarm has power.
  • The red light on the septic system means that the water level is too high or low.

2. Check septic tank level

Septic tank alarm going off when the tank is full of water can be due to overflow. Ensure to get the septic tank regularly inspected so that it does not back up and cause a system failure.

3. Check septic drainage field

If you have a drain field, Make sure to check if there is any standing water around the septic tank. Standing water can go into the tanks and cause the internal water level to rise.

4. Check septic tank pump

The next thing you need to check is the tank pump because it might need service if the alarm goes off when it is time for the septic tank to pump out.

The Septic tank pump is the system’s heart, so you need to make sure the pump is working correctly. Let the system run a couple of pump cycles (which would take 15 hours), so the red light turns off on its own.

If the red light goes off, it indicates that the system is functioning correctly and has just caught up with the extra water overflow in the tank.

5. Contact Septic Professional

If nothing works out for you, you can contact your professional septic right away so that they can inspect your septic system and figure out what is wrong with the septic alarm.


What should I do if my septic alarm goes off?

Septic alarm going off generally indicate a septic system problem so that you can handle the septic alarm as soon as possible. 

Septic tank alarm going off can be due to tank overflow or the drainage field is not working properly.

How do I reset my septic tank alarm?

The Septic tank alarm can be reset by pressing the reset button on the septic alarm control box. The alarm also resets itself after a while when there is no septic system issue going on.

What does the red light on the septic system mean?

Septic alarm red light usually goes off when there is something wrong in a septic tank. It can be a system issue or a pump that needs to be replaced.

How often is a septic alarm going off?

Septic tank alarm going off can depend on the septic pump and septic drainage field condition. The septic alarm might go off every couple of days or not often.

Can the septic alarm tell me why it goes off?

The septic alarm can give you the reason for the septic system issue by turning on the red light, yellow light, or the septic alarm. Septic alarm lights are septic system indicator that tells you septic tank overflow, septic tank pump problem, or septic drainage field is not working properly.

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If you notice your septic tank alarm going off more than usual, it is time to inspect and clean the system. Also, if you have a septic alarm at home, you must know how to reset it so that you can get accurate readings in case your system malfunctions.

We hope we have provided you with some valuable information and answered any questions you had about septic system alarms.

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