[8 Easy Ways] – How to Turn off Fire Alarm in House?

Are you here because your fire alarm kept on ringing continuously without any external stimulus? This is pretty common and may happen due to certain malfunctions within your fire alarm. However, this is an avoidable condition and can easily be fixed too.

Is your fire alarm ringing without any obvious reason?

Yes, your fire alarm may ring randomly. This occurs due to low powered battery and other internal build-up issue causing your alarm to function abnormally. They may often go off, too, creating several hurdles for you.

Keep reading to learn all the causes for fire alarm malfunctioning and hacks to turn it off at home.

how to turn off fire alarm in house

Causes Behind Fire Alarm Malfunctioning

The fire alarm may malfunction in several ways. For example, it may shut off completely, or it may ring continuously without any stimulus. Also, it may ring at some interval of time.

A few of the reasons behind the fire alarm functioning abnormally are as follows:

  • The most common reason includes your fire alarm being installed inaccurately.
  • Low-powered batteries may also cause the fire alarm to malfunction.
  • Excessive dirt build-up within the fire alarm may cause unnecessary damage within the internal structure of your fire alarm resulting in its deterioration.
  • Sometimes brand-new fire alarm devices may also show such issues because they can be faulty, creating irreversible problems.

How to turn off fire alarm in house?

Below are the hacks to turn off fire alarm in house:

1. Change The Batteries Of The Fire Alarm

As discussed earlier, low-powered or old batteries are the most common cause behind your fire alarm functioning inappropriately and creating chaos at your home by ringing continuously. Be it a standalone or hand-wired system, both of these fire alarms need batteries to work.

To function correctly, you should regularly replace them with new ones to avoid such a mishap.

Moreover, some build-up fire alarms have batteries sealed in them. Therefore, whenever such a device functions abnormally, you need to get a new fire alarm rather than changing the cells.

2. Try Pressing The Reset Button On The Fire Alarm

After changing the batteries, if you still hear the beeping sound try resetting the device. To do so, you need to press the red reset button for almost 20 seconds. You may also go with the manual reset option. You need to switch the power breaker off and remove the batteries before holding the reset button for 15 seconds or more.

3. Try Cleaning Your Fire Alarm Device

Excessive dirt or dust may sometimes accumulate within your fire alarm system and produce irreversible damages. To avoid such a mishap, always clean your devices regularly. Therefore, try cleaning up the detecting sensor if resetting doesn’t help you eliminate the beeping sound.

To do so, take out the device from the ceiling and use a vacuum to remove all the dust and dirt carefully without damaging anything.

4. Controlling The Smart Alarm Device

If you have an intelligent fire alarm device, then you’re lucky enough to control the unnecessary beeping sound in no time. You need to connect it to your phone using an app. But for that, make sure you connect your device to the Wi-Fi network.

This makes it super easy to stop your alarm device as soon as it starts ringing without any hurdle.

5. Removing The Smoke If Present At Home

As you know, smoke detector devices are most commonly placed in the kitchen. However, sometimes, slight smoke generated from a cooking meal may stimulate the device unnecessarily and disrupt the whole environment.

To tackle such a situation, try removing the smoke from the house, especially near the machine, if present. For that, you may open the windows or open the fan to create a way out for it.

6. Try Using The Silent Button

A mute button preset on each fire alarm helps deactivate the fire alarm within a heartbeat.

Therefore, if any of the above tactics help you turn off the fire alarm, you may try using the mute button. All you need to do is press it down for a few seconds and then check whether it has stopped beeping or not.

Further, if you have a digital device, you’ll need a deactivating code to turn the system off. For that, contact the manual service providers and get the code as soon as possible to get rid of the annoying alarming sound in no time.

Of course, you can get the code soon after the purchase, so you don’t have to panic and contact anyone whenever you get into such a situation.

7. Try Removing The Main Power Source

Even after resetting, pressing the silent mode, you still hear the beeping sound. Try removing the primary power source from the fire alarm device. It is the best and safe option if you want to get rid of the sound. However, it’s just temporary, as you may still hear the sound when you connect the primary source again.

8. Get A New Fire Alarm

Last but least, if all the above hacks didn’t favor you in any means, then there’s no other option left for you. You need to get a new fire alarm and replace it with the old one whose functionality has just stopped due to some errors.

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A fire alarm or smoke alarm is a vital device designed to sense fire or smoke in any secure place, including homes, apartments, and offices. However, these devices may sometimes malfunction and produce beeping sounds continuously or at some interval.

Therefore, in this article, we have shared the most common causes behind such an error within your fire alarm device, along with some easy hacks to tackle in no time.

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