How to Turn off Car Alarm without Key?

how to turn off car alarm without key

Car alarms are usually great to have for your vehicle. They keep your car safe from any intrusion and will go off any time a thief tries to break in. Once the alarm goes off, the thief is unlikely to damage your vehicle and steal your belongings. Today’s post is going to outline how to turn off car alarm without key.

Car alarms can sometimes get triggered randomly. And when this happens, although they create quite the noise, one can just use their key fob to turn it off. But what to do if your key fob stops working? Well, we have the solution for you in today’s post. Keep reading to find out just how you can turn off your car alarm with no key fob or remote.

How to stop a car alarm without keys?

There could be a plethora of reasons why your car’s key fob could give up on you. It could be malfunctioning because it has a dying battery, or it broke.

In any such case, referring to the car’s manual would be the wise thing to do before you do anything else.

Going through it might help you find an easy solution. But, what if you don’t have the manual on hand to refer to? In that case, our post might help you solve your problem.

Here are a few things you can do to make your alarm stop

1. Secure Car Doors

This is the first thing one can try. Just enter into your vehicle, and lock both of your car doors. This technique typically works if one has electric locks. L, and l, and locking doors will help silence the alarm.

2. Start Your Car

While hoping your car to start it, all while your car alarm is blaring constantly may not be easy, it could be the solution to make the alarm stop. Insert your key to activate the ignition. Keep it this way for a bit and see if this works.

This essentially allows your vehicle to recognize the main key, making it believe that there is no danger. As a result, your alarm might stop being loud.

3. Rotate Key To ACC

If simply starting your car made no difference, this is something else you can try. Rotate your car key all the way to the ACC arrangement. This is the setting that allows you to listen to the radio but the vehicle’s engine is off. You’ll have to be patient for a little bit for this method to have any effect.

4. Tow The Alarm Fuse

This next might just do the trick. What you can do is pull on the fuse of the alarm. This technique may take some effort. This fuse is what essentially runs the alarm. Pulling or Towing this fuse will cause our car alarm to stop ringing.

The car alarm is usually housed in the fuse box. You can find it close to the door on the driver’s side on the car’s dashboard. If you still cannot locate the fuse box, refer to your car’s manual to finger out where it is.

5. Tug On The Alarm Wires

This is quite complicated and should not be done unless you are aware of how the alarm system was installed in the first place. You also need to be mindful of not just which of the wires are of the alarm but what they do.

The alarm wires are located below the steering wheel, and tugging on them might help turn off your alarm.

6. Detach Battery

If all else fails, this is the last thing you can attempt to do. And that is to detach the battery. This step should, however, only be attempted if none of the above make any difference.

We advise you to avoid doing this if you have no knowledge of how to do it safely. Get a professional to help you.

Your vehicle’s battery is what makes your alarm work. Detaching your car’s battery will take away power from the car alarm, allowing it to turn off.

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Your car alarm going off when there is no threat or intrusion can be really annoying. It could lead to you feeling uneasy and awkward since everyone else can hear it too. And, although you can easily turn off your vehicle’s alarm, what if your key fob stops responding?

This post probably helped you know what you could do in such a scenario and taught you about how to turn off a car alarm without the key fob.

Leave us a comment and let us know if any of these methods of making your car alarm stop worked for you.


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