(2 Easy Ways) – How to Reset Aftermarket Car Alarm?

Are you here because your car alarm has stopped ringing its siren all of a sudden? This may happen due to multiple internal problems associated with the system. The only solution to it is to reset your aftermarket car alarm.

So, can you reset aftermarket car alarm?

Yes, just like other electrical equipment, you can reset your car alarm as well. There may be a few reasons why you may need to reset your aftermarket car alarm. One could be if it is tripped. And, the second could be that it isn’t turning off and has become defective. Or, if the key fob stops working.

Keep reading to learn how to reset your car alarm system in no time.

how to reset aftermarket car alarm

How to Reset Aftermarket Car Alarm?

If your car alarm breaks down, it can be an absolute nuisance not just to you, but also to the people around you. And once the alarm system malfunctions, it actually becomes a security risk for your vehicle. If it is not working correctly, it can actually boost the chances of your vehicle getting broken into.

The aftermarket car alarms are used with a key fob. This can activate and deactivate them. When the alarm system is working, it will give off a sound and shine its lights to warn that it is being touched. It may even prevent the vehicle from working if it goes off.

However, it is important for you to know how you can reset an aftermarket car alarm manually in case something goes wrong with it.

Note: Consult the manual and be careful while fixing or resetting your aftermarket alarm since your alarm system is powered via the battery.

1. Use the Valet Switch

A valet switch is mostly found under the dashboard of a car. It has the function of deactivating the security abilities of your car. The way you do this is:

  1. Read your manual to see if your vehicle is equipped with a valet switch.
  2. If it does, find it, and instead of immediately pushing it,  turn your vehicle’s key to the “ignition on” option. Your vehicle will obviously not start because the alarm is working at the moment. Make sure the key is on the “ignition on” option in order to work with the valet switch.
  3. Next is to push the valet switch to turn it on and it will cause your car alarm to turn off. You have to turn this switch off as soon as you get a hold of your remote.

Bear in mind that the alarm won’t work when the switch is on. It is crucial that you turn it off for your alarm to activate again so your car is not in danger.

2. Use the Car Battery

The next step to reset your aftermarket car alarm is with the battery. By doing this, you’ll be essentially stopping the supply of power to the alarm. What makes this method ideal is that when you do this, your system will not be deactivated, and only the alarm will turn off.

Here is what you have to do:

  1. Find where your car battery is. For the most part, cars have their batteries under the hood. Certain vehicles will have their batteries under the seat. Once you have located it, you have to detach the ground cable (the cable that is attached to the negative terminal).
  2. The next step is to lock all the doors of your vehicle. You’ll have to do this yourself because there is no power. You can do this from within your vehicle. The driver’s seat door, on the other hand, can be locked from the outside using the key.
  3. Access your battery, locate the hood position detector switch, and press it by hand. It is usually pushed down when the hood is not open. So, if your car has it located right under the hood, it will be pressed automatically once the hood is down and you won’t need to do it by hand.
  4. Attach the ground cable back to the battery the way it was. This will bring back the electric supply, and turn on the alarm system, but this time it will not be going off. Finally, you can close your car’s hood.

Give It Some Time

This is the next method and last method on our list that you can try for resetting your alarm. According to this method, you have to wait while in your driver’s seat and the car alarm system will eventually reset.

When this happens, the alarm will still be on but won’t be triggered. Now rotate your key to the “on” option. This way, the alarm will deactivate and reset.

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All in all, a problematic car alarm is one of the worst things to have to deal with. Not to mention that it is also a security risk to your vehicle. The above technique might fix your aftermarket car alarm, but we recommend that you get a professional mechanic to check your alarm and fix it for a more permanent solution.

Make sure to take all safety measures for your protection when you deal with the car’s battery and wires. This is to ensure you work safely and do not compromise on your well-being.

So, did you find this blog post on “how to reset car alarm” helpful? We would love to hear from you in your comment section.


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