How Much Does a Car Alarm Cost?

how much does a car alarm cost

It has become a common occurrence these days for vehicles to get broken into. Stealing from cars becomes exceptionally easy for thieves in the absence of a car alarm system. An alarm system will give you peace and comfort when you know that your vehicle and your belongings within it are protected. So, how much does a car alarm cost?

Having an alarm system in your car will deter people from touching it at all. You can be sure that your car will remain untouched when you park it anywhere to run errands. In this blog post, you will learn all about car alarms systems. So, if you are thinking to yourself, “how much to install car alarm”  or how much would be the installation cost of the best car alarm if you were to buy it, keep reading.

How much does a car alarm cost?

Car alarms systems are an ideal way to ensure the safety of your vehicle, and they are an investment in a way to make sure your car does not get looted. By getting this system, you are taking the best precautions that you can to prevent any loss.

There is, however, the problem that car alarm systems give off sirens that disturb the residents of that particular neighborhood. While it may help protect your vehicle, it also causes quite the disturbance and noise when it goes off. Regardless of all this, it is still essential for one to have it installed in their car.

Car alarm systems are installed for various prices, and their prices online can arrange anywhere from $30 to $300. Ideally, your car alarm system should be fitted into the car by only a professional, and it should also have a warranty if it needs any fixing or replacement to be done. In this case, car alarm systems that are priced too cheap may not be such a good choice for the long run since they may lack these two things.

Installation of car alarm systems

Car alarm systems that are usually priced extremely low do not offer professional installation. While you may be hunting for an answer for a “car alarm installation near me,” it is wise to consider getting someone qualified for this job to install it for you rather than doing it by yourself.

Admittedly, the internet is filled with videos on how you can do this. However, you can mess things up and even cause damage to your vehicle by attempting to install it yourself. So, better to hire a pro installer and skip the trial and error.

To get the best bang for your buck, look for a vendor close by that provides car alarm system installation services. They will use the ideal tools and offer suitable hardware to get the job done perfectly.

The cost of a car alarm system installation at a retailer also depends on the particular model of the car and which year it belongs to.

The price of getting a car alarm system installed at a retailer begins at $159.99-$249.99.

The location where your vendor is based also affects the cost of your car alarm system’s installation, and it could cost more in areas where the standard of living is higher. Additionally, complex systems will also cost you more money to install.

Note: The vendor you decide should also offer trusted brand products. This will guarantee that your purchase is protected by a warranty and is worth the price tag.

Some high-quality car alarm systems can even be priced over $1000 without the installation included in this price. High-tech alarm systems do a great job at protecting your vehicle from thieves, but they even have features that allow tracking the vehicle’s location in case it gets stolen.

Within this price, you can expect to get the following essentials:

  • The installation will be done by a professional. They will carry out a proper inspection before installation to ensure it is done perfectly without affecting any of the car’s other operations.
  • You also get the siren for the alarm system.
  • A key fob/remote for locking and unlocking the car.
  • A warranty is usually also provided. The official retailer will always provide you with this to service the alarm system if it breaks down.
  • It also includes shock sensors that pick up any suspicious movement to alert the system and make sirens go off.

Extra features

You can add features later on to your basic car alarm system to upgrade it and make it function better. Talk about these with your vendor and see if they offer them.

Two-way Remotes: To keep you updated on your vehicle’s status.

Starter Kill: To prevent your car from getting stolen.

Glass-break Sensor: They go off when they detect the sound of a breaking window.

GPS Tracking: This feature helps you locate your car if you forget where you left it.

Things to consider when purchasing a car alarm system

Below we have provided you with some points you should consider when choosing a car alarm system for your vehicle. These points will help you make the best choice for your money.

  • Make sure to only approach vendors that provide the services of qualified staff to avoid any mistakes and wastage of time and money.
  • Read up on your car and the alarm system suitable for it to understand what that security system offers. In this situation, one size doesn’t fit all. This is because not every car alarm system works for every car model and build.
  • Do not try to install your system even if you got it off the internet. Always consult a professional for this.
  • Ensure that the system you are purchasing has a smartphone connectivity feature.

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Now that you know everything there is to know about car alarms systems and buying and installing them, you can make an informed decision on how you want to about this.

We hope that by reading our guide, you got your answer to the main question, “how much does a car alarm cost?” and you end up choosing a car alarm system that fits your budget and needs ideally.

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