[7 Easy Steps] – How to Remove Aftermarket Car Alarm

Are you here because you’re fed up with the quality of your aftermarket car alarm, and now you want to replace it with a better one? You may easily do so, however, note that it requires a step-by-step procedure.

So, can you remove aftermarket car alarm?

Yes, you can easily remove the car alarm and replace it with a new one. However, there could be many reasons someone wants to remove or disconnect their aftermarket car alarm. The lack of quality could be one reason for removing the alarm to replace it with a better system. It could also be that the key fob got lost or stopped working.

Read on to learn how to remove aftermarket car alarm in no time.

how to remove aftermarket car alarm

How to Remove Aftermarket Car Alarm?

Aftermarket car alarms are often not the best in quality. They are unreliable and tend to malfunction easily, and usually, this is why people want to replace or remove them.

The following details will quickly help you detach your aftermath car alarm in little to no time.

What You’ll Need For This

Here is a list of all that you will need to remove your aftermath car alarm:

  1. A wrench
  2. Wire Cutters
  3. Wire Crimper
  4. The Manual
  5. Electrical Tape
  6. Protective gear for your safety

Note: Ensure that you have your gloves and eyewear, and other protective gear on when you do this. This is to protect you from any damage or injury. 

It is beneficial to read up on this before you work on your vehicle. Make sure to read your vehicle’s manual as well.

1. Lift The Hood

You can start by making sure your car is parked on flat ground. Make sure the area is not wet. Lift your vehicle’s hood and use the hood strut so that it does not close again.

2. Detach Negative Cable

The second step is of removing an aftermarket car alarm is to find where the vehicle’s battery is. Use a wrench to turn the bolt that keeps the negative battery cable attached and turn it in the anti-clockwise direction to detach it completely.

3. Take Out The Inner Door Panel

The next step is to take the door panel out. This inner panel is made of plastic, and it is located on the driver’s side. You can use a screwdriver to remove it from the frame.

4. Remove The Alarm Box

Now locate the alarm box. This box is rectangular and relatively small in size. To ensure that this is indeed the alarm box, check if it has a firm antenna poking out of only one side of it. The primary purpose of this antenna is to catch or receive signals sent by the key fob. Free the alarm box using wire cutters.

You can do this by snipping off any kind of wire or cable or even ties fixing it in position. These cables are essentially a link between the alarm system and other components, including the locks, vehicle lights, etc. Detaching all this will allow you to pull out the alarm box easily.

5. Fix The Ignition Wires

The next step of this process is to fix the ignition wires. You do this by joining the two wires from the door to the ones that go towards the ignition. This is also done based on the color of the wires for them to go back to their original setting before the alarm was installed. You’ll have the real connections back this way.

You can use a crimper to join the wires firmly to each other and use electrical tape to make sure that you’ve attached it properly. Now you have to repeat this very process for the rest of the wires, including wires attached to the locks, horn, etc.

6. Put Back The Door Panel

After this, you have to put back the door panel that you removed earlier. This can be done quickly since the plastic panel simply be pushed back into its original location.

7. Re-attach The Negative Cable

And finally, the last step that you have to do is to re-attach the negative battery cable. Again, you can do this by using a wrench and turning the bolt clockwise to fix it.

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While a car alarm is a great safety feature. But if it gives up on you and malfunctions, or if it was never installed properly in the first place. It can become quite a nuisance to deal with and also disrupt the proper functioning of your vehicle. Taking it out of your car becomes the only solution when such a thing happens.

Hopefully, this guide on how to remove aftermarket car alarm helped you in some way, guided you on what to do. Don’t forget to leave your feedback below, and tell us your experiences to spread some knowledge.


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