Why Is Nest Thermostat Blinking Green Light? [6 Easy Fixes]

Did you just notice your Nest thermostat blinking green light while charging? This may seem quite unusual but may occur due to some minor problem. Luckily, you can fix it pretty easily using a quick step-by-step guide.

So, what does the blinking green light on Nest thermostat mean?

The Nest thermostat’s green blinking light primarily indicates a software update to your system. So, if you ever notice it, wait a few minutes until the updates are completed. However, if the blinking light persists significantly longer, or green light remains constant, or blinks with another color, there might be some unusual problem.

Keep reading to learn a quick workaround to fix the blinking green light on the Nest thermostat when charging. We shall also list down all the major causes for it to have you get rid of it easily.

how to fix the nest thermostat blinking green when charging

Why is my Nest thermostat flashing green light?

Your Nest thermostat flashing green light indicates a system action such as shut down, start-up, or restart. However, there may be some malfunctions that may cause your thermostat to blink green light.

Below are the causes for the Nest thermostat flashing green light:

  • System shut down or start up: One of the most common reasons for your system to blink green light is that it may either turn on or shut off, thus producing such flashing light.
  • A system undergoing an update: Another reason may be that your system may be experiencing an update resulting in such an action.
  • Power failure: Sudden power outage may cause your system to blink green for some minutes until the problem is resolved.
  • System failure: Failure of your system to turn on will also keep it from blinking green light uninterruptedly.
  • Software malfunction: Errors, glitches, or bugs may indirectly cause software problems in your system, thus indicating through blinking green light.
  • Hardware problems: Like software issues, hardware problems may also prevent your system from functioning properly.

How to fix the Nest thermostat blinking green when charging?

To fix the nest blinking green light on the Nest thermostat, you first need to find out the root cause of it. However, you may also follow step-by-step hacks until you get rid of the problem.

1. Restart your Nest thermostat

Restarting your Nest thermostat will refresh it, thus clearing all the major errors, bugs, and glitches. So, just as restarting fixes any minor inconvenience on your system, you may also try this hack to get rid of the flashing green light.

Here are the steps to restart your Nest thermostat:

  1. Firstly, ensure that your Nest thermostat is on and functioning.
  2. Next, press down the display button on your Nest thermostat.
  3. Now hold it for around 10 seconds.
  4. Lastly, release the button, and you’ll see it restarting in no time.

Note that you may see the nest blinking green light while restarting your system as soon as you release the button, so you don’t need to worry about it.

2. Reconnect your Nest display

Reconnecting your Nest display has shown really efficient results in fixing the green blinking light on your Nest. This hack especially works for the systems which have been showing such a problem for more than 15 minutes.

Here are the steps to reconnect your Nest display:

  1. Firstly, turn off your Nest thermostat to avoid any electrical short circuits.
  2. Next, wait for almost 15 minutes until your device cools off.
  3. Now pull the display straight off the base and ensure that the pin connector is in its place, so you just have to push it back on the base.

You’ll soon hear a clicking sound that would indicate the display’s correct placement.

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3. Check the batteries of your Nest thermostat

The low-powered batteries are one of the most common causes of the green flashing light on your Nest thermostat. Therefore, you should always check them while dealing with such a situation.

If you have a built-in battery system in your thermostat, you just need to charge them. However, if your batteries are replaceable, head to the nearby store and get 2 AAA alkaline batteries as soon as possible. Then, simply remove the old ones and insert these new ones for efficient results.

Below are the steps to replace your Nest’s battery:

  1. Firstly, pull out the Nest’s display off the base.
  2. Next, remove the old batteries from the back of your Nest’s display.
  3. Now, insert 2 AAA alkaline batteries, ensuring their right position.
  4. Lastly, place the Nest’s display back and press it gently until you hear a clicking sound.

For a built-in battery system, you need to charge them. To charge your Nest thermostat, you need to get a USB cable to connect it to the back of your system at the USB port.

Here are the steps to charge your Nest thermostat:

  1. Firstly, pull out the Nest’s display off the base.
  2. Next, connect it to the USB port of your laptop, computer, or the main switch using a USB cable, just like how you charge your mobile phone.

You’ll soon see a blinking light on the front of the Nest thermostat, indicating that it’s charging, and soon, you will resolve your green blinking light problem. Note that usually, Nest takes half an hour to charge.

However, if the battery has drained completely, it may take two hours to charge fully.

4. Update your system’s firmware

The next hack to fix your blinking light error is to enable your system to update its firmware, as your system may show such a flashing light when its firmware is in process.

The update may take more than half an hour when it’s too huge. So, ensure to keep a check on the Nest app on your phone till the update finishes.

5. Check for any hardware issue

If updating your software doesn’t help you, you just need to check for hardware issues.

However, we suggest you seek assistance from the Nest technicians, who’ll look for any faulty hardware piece that you would not easily detect.

Moreover, if a warranty is left on your device, it’s great as it would save you money. Otherwise, you’ll have spent a lot on its repair.

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6. Check for boot failure

Lastly, if none of the above hacks help you, we suggest you look for the boot failure. Sometimes due to battery failure, your system may fail to boot and thus show green blinking light when charging.

Moreover, your system may also be in a reboot loop that may cause such a hurdle. For example, this may occur when there is a power issue, so check the electric supply in such a case.

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Your Nest thermostat may blink green light for several reasons, most commonly due to system failure, boot failure, low batteries, power failure, software issues, and hardware problems. All such causes are easily preventable and resolvable,

Read this article to have a vast idea of all the causes of the green blinking light on the Nest thermostat when charging. Also, learn how to fix them using a step-by-step guide in no time.

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