[12 Easy Ways] – How to Fix the Blank Screen on Thermostat?

Has your thermostat screen suddenly turned black or blank, and you’re unsure what to do next? No need to worry at all. This may primarily happen due to improper connection or low battery errors. However, all its causes are reversible and can easily be fixed.

So, what does it mean when your thermostat goes blank?

The nest thermostat’s blank screen is the same as its screen turning black. This may occur suddenly without any prior warning. The most common causes of it include connection error, low batteries, and faulty wiring. Other possible causes are broken HVAC systems and extremely low batteries. A blown-up fuse or any electrical issue may also turn your screen black.

Keep reading to look at the basic idea of the Nest thermostat blank screen and all the possible fixes to deal with such a situation.

how to fix the blank screen on thermostat

Why is my Nest thermostat screen blank?

Here are the causes for your Nest thermostat screen turning blank:

  • Your Nest thermostat has low-powered batteries.
  • There is a connection problem with your screen and the device.
  • A faulty circuit breaker as it isn’t sending power to the Nest.
  • Blown-up fuse in the electrical panel.
  • Incompatibility of your Nest thermostat with the heating system.
  • Wiring or any other electrical issue.
  • Faulty Nest thermostat.

How to fix the black/blank screen on thermostat?

To fix Nest thermostat blank/black screen, you first need to rule out its main cause to save both your time and energy.

Below are the fixes for the blank/black screen on the thermostat:

1. Try using your old Nest thermostat

You must install an old thermostat system to ensure your device has no internal or external damage. If it’s working efficiently, it clearly indicates that your Nest is problematic and there is no issue with any other equipment.

However, if your old one also shows the problem and doesn’t work, then there is a possibility that you have a hidden problem with either the connection or other equipment like battery, HVAC system, and fuse.

In addition, if you think the problem lies behind the installation of your system, then without any hesitation, contact the technician for their support and quick help. The technician may also guide you if he notices any fault within your system.

2. Fix your Nest’s display properly

Next, if, upon inspection, you feel the device’s display has an inaccurate connection with the base, then you just need to fix it up properly.

Here are the steps to fix your Nest’s display onto the base:

  1. Firstly, pull out your Nest thermostat to remove it from the base.
  2. Next, ensure all the cables and wires are attached appropriately to the wall. However, if you notice any protruding outwards, simply tuck them back in safely.
  3. Now arrange the base connectors and the Nest display over the base.
  4. Lastly, press down the display on the base until you hear the display producing a clicking sound.

3. Charge your low-powered batteries

As discussed earlier, the low-powered battery is the most common cause of a blank screen on the thermostat. So, if you notice so, you need to either replace or charge them to fix the problem in no time.

Check if you have AAA alkaline batteries; simply replace them with a new set of the same batteries. However, if you have a built-in battery system, then charge your system using a USB cable.

Here are the steps to charge your Nest using a USB cable:

  1. Firstly, remove your Nest display from the base.
  2. Now insert a USB cable into the USB port at the back of the thermostat’s display.
  3. You’ll now see your thermostat screen turning on. So, when it’s on, you’ll see a message instructing you to connect the display to the base. Simply press down the display onto the base until you hear a clicking sound.

4. Turn on your tripped circuit breaker

There is a possibility that either your circuit breaker isn’t properly turned on or tripped, causing such screen errors. So, in any case, you need to turn it on to enable enough supply of power from the circuit breaker to the Nest.

Here are the steps to fix your tripped circuit breaker:

  1. Firstly, turn off your Nest’s circuit breaker by moving its Switch to the OFF position.
  2. Next, turn it on by moving it back to the ON position. Ensure the Switch touches the ON position to avoid any errors.
  3. Lastly, turn on your thermostat to see if the problem has been resolved or not.

5. Turn on the power of your HVAC system

If all the apparent causes are ruled out for your system, and you’re still not sure what the main reason is for your thermostat showing a black screen, then check the power of your HVAC system. It may happen that sometime its Switch may be turned off without you knowing.

You just need to turn the Switch to the ON position, enabling the power of your HVAC system.

6. Turn off the furnace door

It has been noticed that the thermostats are pretty sensitive to their environment. Therefore, if the furnace door is not fully closed, then the possibility is it may create a hindrance in the functioning of your thermostat.

Therefore, ensure that your furnace door is completely and securely closed to prevent your Nest’s screen from turning back or blank.

7. Increase the brightness of your LCD

As you know, you may easily change the brightness setting of your LCD. Therefore, there is always a possibility that the brightness may be extremely low, and you, therefore, would think of the malfunctioning of your screen when it has turned blank.

If so, then simply turn on the brightness of your LCD to deal with such a situation.

8. Fix the faulty wiring

If you’re having this blank screen problem, especially after installation, the possible cause may be faulty wiring. For instance, your thermostat may require a C terminal, for which you may need a special wire extender.

In any such case, you need to find out the cause of the electrical issue, for which you may even contact a technician who can guide you in the best possible way.

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9. Fix the blown-up fuse

If the cause for the black screen on the thermostat is a blown-up fuse, then you simply need to replace it to enable it to worry properly.

Below are the steps to replace the blown-up fuse:

  1. Firstly, open up the furnace control panel and check the connection between your thermostat’s wires.
  2. Ensure the purple 3-amp and orange 5-amp fuse on the board are intact.
  3. If the fuses are blown, then simply replace them.

10. Fix the high limit switch

The high limit switch on your Nest prevents overheating of your thermostat. Therefore, if you notice your screen turning blank soon after overheating, your high limit switch might have tripped.

This primarily happens due to airflow restriction or dirty or broken parts within the HVAC system. So, clean up the system and fix the Switch. You may also contact the technician for further help.

11. Fix the tripped float switch

The functioning of the drain line is really necessary for the efficient work of your Nest. If, by chance, your drain line doesn’t empty outdoor, then the float switch may trip off and show a blank screen.

Here you just need to fix the tripped float switch. Take the help of the manual to see how to do so.

12. Reach out to the support team

If none of the above hacks helped you, or you’re still confused about the main cause of the blank screen on the thermostat, then feel free to reach out to the support team. They’ll guide you accordingly in the best way possible.

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To fix the thermostat’s blank screen, you must first rule out the main cause behind it. If not, simply follow a step-by-step guide that will help you solve the problem more efficiently.

Follow this blog to solve the blank/black screen on the thermostat in no time. For any queries, feel free to comment below.

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