Does Nest Thermostat Work Without WIFI? [Available Features]

Have you ever wondered whether you can use a Nest thermostat without Wi-Fi? Using the internet with your Nest thermostat is totally a blessing. You can utilize Nest’s best features, making your life super easy and peaceful.

But does nest thermostat work without WIFI?

Yes, Nest can definitely work without Wi-Fi or an internet connection. However, it may provide limited access to its super beneficial features, but it can efficiently perform all the basic functions. Moreover, you may never need to worry about its home temperature controlling ability.

Keep reading to have a basic idea of how to use a Nest thermostat without Wi-Fi. We shall also discuss all the features you may utilize with or without an internet or Wi-Fi connection.

does nest thermostat work without wifi

Does Nest thermostat work if Wi-Fi goes out?

As you know Nest thermostat may work without Wi-Fi, but you may not take full advantage of all its unique and beneficial features. Your Nest thermostat may only work as a traditional thermostat whose HVAC system you may easily control manually without any hurdle using the interface on your thermostat.

So, if your Wi-Fi goes out for any reason, your Nest thermostat may still work with all your saved settings and schedules. However, you may be unable to use the remote-control features or energy-controlling Nest algorithms.

In addition, you may also not be able to connect Nest with your mobile app or have access to all the live or security updates concerning your Nest thermostat.

Features available on Nest without Wi-Fi

Below are the features available on Nest thermostat without Wi-Fi or internet connection:

1. Temperature schedules

Nest thermostat can locally save all your temperature schedules; therefore, this feature may even work without Wi-Fi. Moreover, the best thing is you may easily set new schedules on your thermostat, but this function may not work on the mobile app without an internet connection or Wi-Fi.

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2. Temperature sensors

Setting a temperature is the basic function of your thermostat. This function is easily available offline; therefore, you may set a particular temperature profile for your rooms at different times of the day.

3. Nest leaf Eco feature

The Nest leaf Eco feature shows energy-efficient temperatures by displaying green or yellow leaf. You may use this feature without an internet connection enabling you to save both money and energy.

4. Thermostat history and analytics

The most interesting thing about Nest is that it saves all the heating and cooling information locally for around three months. Moreover, it doesn’t lose the newest information without a Wi-Fi connection. Therefore, you may get access to all your thermostat history even when your Wi-Fi goes down.

5. System mode

Your Nest thermostat has 3 system modes: Heat, Cool, and Heat and Cool.

The Heat mode will enable you to warm up your house while the cool will help you decrease the temperature at your home. In comparison, the Heat and Cool mode works best at extreme temperatures, such as places where there are too cold or too warm temperatures.

6. Fan mode

The Fan mode helps in air filtering, which indirectly also aids in maintaining an even temperature at your home. However, this feature is only available if your HVAC system has a built-in fan.

7. Safety temperature

This feature enables you to control your home’s temperature in extreme weather conditions. It will prevent your home from being too cold or too hot even if you accidentally turn off your thermostat.

You may find this feature always on by default. However, to change its settings, you may need Wi-Fi.

Features available on Nest with Wi-Fi

Below are the unique features available on Nest thermostat with Wi-Fi or internet connection:

1. Voice control

The voice control option has always been an exciting feature for everyone. You may even connect your Nest with either Alexa or Google assistant to avail this super exciting opportunity.

Using it, you don’t need to press anything on your phone; you just need to control it using your voice. Moreover, you don’t have to change any settings manually. However, note that this feature requires internet and will never work without it.

2. Changing temperature schedules and settings

You may use the temperature schedule without a Wi-Fi connection, as discussed earlier. However, you may not make any changes or set it up with being offline as you need the Home app to do so. Therefore, you’ll definitely need Wi-Fi or cellular data to do so.

In addition, after making any changes or setting temperature schedules, your thermostat needs to be online to receive all the updates.

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3. Software updates

Software updates enable your system to add new features and fix bugs and errors in No time. You may receive notifications for this feature very often being offline. However, you may only install these updates via Wi-Fi only.

4. Energy usage chart

This feature updates you with your energy usage via the energy usage chart on your Home app. In addition, it lets you track the amount of power you have saved or used in the past few days.

You’ll definitely need a Wi-Fi connection for such a unique and useful feature.

5. Controlling your Nest thermostat using the Home app

The most convenient feature for using Nest thermostat online is to use Nest remotely via the Home app. You may control your thermostat anytime and anywhere you want.

For instance, you may set your targeted temperatures at work before heading home. However, you may need Wi-Fi for such convenience.

6. Geolocation mode

This super unique feature enables your Home app to track your location by which your Nest thermostat will be able to tell whether you’re home or not. So, if you’re not at home, your thermostat will enter the power-saving mode enabling you to save power.

For this amazing opportunity, you’ll need Wi-Fi because, without it, your Home app would do work and thus will not be able to inform the thermostat about your location.

7. Status alerts

Do you know your Nest thermostat can send you status alerts? These alerts contain info regarding your HVAC system, which you receive through the notifications on the Home app.

Such alerts help you recognize if your HVAC requires any repair or replacement.

How to reconnect the Nest thermostat to the Wi-Fi?

If by any chance, your Nest thermostat goes disconnected from the Wi-Fi, you may easily reconnect it using simple steps.

Here are the steps to reconnect your Nest thermostat to the Wi-Fi:

  1. Firstly, you’ll need to restart your Nest thermostat to refresh its wireless connection. To do so, press the thermostat ring to head to the Quick menu. Then select Settings > Reset > Restart > turn the ring to select
  2. Now reconnect your thermostat to your home Wi-Fi. To do so, head to the Settings > select Network> select your Wi-Fi Network and enter your password.
  3. Your Nest thermostat will then connect to your Wi-Fi and thus will be ready to be used through the Nest mobile app.
  4. To reconnect your Nest thermostat to the Wi-Fi, you’ll need to do it manually in person and not remotely using the Nest mobile app. So, follow the steps mentioned above carefully rather than looking for ways to do so through the app.


A nest thermostat with a Wi-Fi connection is surely a blessing. It will enable you to utilize the unique and super exciting features easily. These features include voice control, geolocation mode, energy usage chart, and more.

In this article, we have a ride through all the basic features you may use without Wi-Fi, along with some extraordinary features that require a Wi-Fi connection. We have also listed the steps to reconnect your Nest thermostat to the Wi-Fi.

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