Why Is My Schlage Lock Blinking Red? [5 Easy Fixes]

Have you noticed your Schlage lock blinking red light for a long time, and still, you haven’t been able to fix it? Unfortunately, this is a pretty common issue and may involve several interlinked causes and consequences.

So, what does Schlage lock blinking red light means?

The red flashing light on your Schlage lock indicates the low battery of your device. However, it may also direct toward wrongly entered user code or error in the programming. So, to fix it, either replace the batteries or try entering the codes again.

Keep reading to learn all the major causes for the Schlage lock blinking red light, along with some hacks to fix this annoying problem within a few minutes.

how to fix schlage lock blinking red light

Why is my Schlage lock blinking red light?

Before heading to the fixes for your problem, it’s pretty necessary first to learn its common causes. This will also help you to avoid it in the future.

Here are the causes for your Schlage lock blinking red light:

  • Low-powered or wrongly placed batteries are the most common cause for your Schlage flashing red light continuously.
  • Entering the wrong user code may also lead to such a problem.
  • Specific errors in the programming may also cause a blinking red light on your Schlage.
  • Various errors in the keyboard may also flash a red light on your system.
  • The burnt or damaged wires within the built-in system of your lock are pretty destructive, and thus your Schlage device may blink a continuous red light to gain your attention.

How to fix Schlage smart lock blinking red light?

To fix your Schlage smart lock blinking red light, you must replace its battery. If still not fixed, try resolving the errors in the programming or work on the user code.

Here are the steps to fix your Schlage lock:

1. Replace the batteries of your Schlage lock

The first and most crucial step for fixing the flashing or blinking red light on your Schlage smart lock is to replace its batteries. Low-powered batteries are the most common cause of such a problem.

Moreover, at times, there’s also a possibility that you may have entered the wrong batteries or the right ones in the wrong way. In any case, you need to check all these three factors before heading to the next hack.

Below are the steps to replace the batteries of your Schlage lock:

  1. Firstly, release the battery tray of your lock to remove all its screws.
  2. Next, you’ll see an AA battery and a 9-volt battery once you remove the screws. Take these batteries out.
  3. Now, remove the connector attached to it.
  4. Lastly, reassemble the new batteries and then place them within your system. This will solve the blinking light issue in no time.

2. Enter the correct user code

If the problem isn’t resolved even after changing your smart lock batteries, then you might be entering the wrong code.

This occurs when you see the red blinking light once you enter the user code, and it goes wrong. In such a case, re-enter the user code until you see the green light indicating that the problem has been resolved.

Moreover, you may even notice a red light while adding a new user. This may prevent you from doing so since you have maximized the number of user codes. In such a case, you need to delete any of your existing user codes and then try adding one.

You may be entering the user code wrong; thus, the first code will not match the one you typed the second time. So, try again and enter the code correctly.

In addition, there may be a coincidence that the user code you want to enter may have the same digits as your program code, or such a user code may exist too. Therefore, always enter a unique user code to avoid unnecessary problems and for your safety.

Furthermore, you may also notice such a blinking red light while deleting existing user code. This usually happens when your first code doesn’t match the second one. So, ensure to enter a similar code to avoid such an issue.

3. Try resolving the error in the programming

After working on your user code, the following hack is to check out any error in the programming and, if present, try resolving it.

Programming errors may occur when your programming error may be the same as your user code. In such a case, ensure to enter a special, unique code to avoid mishap.

Moreover, another reason may be that the programming code you’re entering may not match the second one. This will prevent you from programming the lock. So, to resolve this error, enter the first and the second code, ensuring they’re the same.

4. Try restoring the factory settings on your keyboard

The next hack is to clear up all the glitches and bugs by restoring your device to its factory settings. It’s pretty easy and won’t require much time and energy.

Below are the steps to factory reset your smart lock:

  1. Firstly, remove your keypad’s batteries.
  2. Next, press and hold down the Schlage button for around 15 seconds.
  3. While pressing and holding the Schlage button, put the batteries back again.
  4. You’ll soon hear a beeping sound and see the green light indicating that the problem has been resolved.
  5. You would remove all the bugs and errors by factory resetting, and your system would work as a brand-new device.

5. Contact the customer support team

Last but not least option is to contact the customer support team for your Schlage lock after trying all the hacks mentioned above.

The technical staff at the customer care center will make you walk through a series of actions and remedies before resolving the flashing red light on your Schlage smart lock.

So, contact the customer care team via email, chat assistance, or the toll-free number to resolve the problem immediately without any further delay.


In conclusion, your Schlage lock may blink red light due to a low battery issue, the wrong user code, or an error in the programming. However, all these errors are pretty reversible and thus can easily be fixed. So, you just need to follow a step-by-step guide until the problem gets resolved.

So, dive into this blog to learn all the major causes for red blinking lights on your Schlage lock and the hacks to fix them without delay. So, what are you waiting for?

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