Which Ring Doorbell Do I Have? [Find Ring Device Model]

I can’t figure out which Ring model you have. Mostly, it doesn’t matter; however, if you’re upgrading your Ring doorbell or considering using a particular feature, it’s essential to know the model.

So, how do I know which Ring doorbell I have?

You can simply use the Ring app to know which Ring doorbell you have. So, head to the Ring app. Tap on Devices > select your Doorbell > select Device Health. You’ll be able to find the model or name of your Ring doorbell under the device details.

Let’s dig into this article which will help you explore all the possible ways to tell which Ring doorbell you have.

which ring doorbell do i have

Which Ring doorbell do I have?

There are certain ways you can tell which Ring doorbell you have. The most basic ones include locating it on your device’s back or checking details on the Ring app.

Here are all the possible ways to know which Ring doorbell you have:

1. Looking at the device’s back for its name

The easiest and most familiar way to find out your device’s model or name is to simply try to locate it at the back of your device. The product’s name, model, power input, and serial number are mostly inscribed on the back of your Ring device.

So, just turn on your device and look for all the necessary details. Moreover, if your device is hung on the wall, remove it first and then try to look for the labels. This will prevent any sort of inconvenience on your end.

2. Finding device’s details on the Ring app

Another straightforward way to access your Ring device’s details is to search for them on the Ring app. This is only possible by linking your Ring doorbell to the Ring app. Note that the Ring app has a specific section to find the Ring’s name, its firmware version, and your Mac address.

Below are the steps to find your device’s details on the Ring app:

  1. Firstly, head to the Ring app.
  2. Ensure your Ring app is linked to your Ring device.
  3. Next, tap on the three-line menu at the top right corner.
  4. Now from this menu, tap on Devices.
  5. Select your paired Ring device.
  6. Further, select the Device Health
  7. Lastly, look for the Device Details and check which device you have.

3. Try comparing your Ring device with other models

The main features of the Ring devices, especially the front view, differ among all the models. For instance, the front layout and camera placement differ in the Ring Pro and Pro 2, which may help you recognize them when needed.

Similarly, the camera designs in both the 1st and 2nd generation doorbells differ despite having a similar look overall. The camera container is circular for the 1st generation doorbell and wide for the 2nd generation ones.

4. Asking the community forums and groups

Asking about specific problems within community forums and groups has always been beneficial. It’s easy to access to know about particular stuff from people’s knowledge and personal experience having similar interests.

These forums are mainly built to help and guide each other when needed. So, you can simply take pictures of your Ring device and post them in groups or forums where people can aid you in recognizing the name and model of your device.

So, what can be simpler than this?

5. Contact the customer care team

Last but not least, if none of the above hacks helped you recognize the name and model of your Ring device, then you’re left with this option only. Simply contact the customer care team, who will listen to the problem and help you in the best possible way.

The best thing about the Ring customer care team is that they’re available 24/7, 365 days, all year round. They’re open to sorting out all your problems, including technical and installation difficulties.

In addition, you can consult them to help you find out the name and model of your Ring device. So, call them asap for all sorts of assistance.


In conclusion, Ring doorbells have different models and names assigned to them. Although all of them are similar in general appearance, they do have some features by which you can differentiate them. Knowing the name of your Ring doorbell helps when looking for a specific feature or upgrading your device.

To know the name or model of your Ring, the best way is to check its back for the name or head to the Ring app for further details. You may even compare the different types, locate the specific feature, or contact the customer care team for further assistance.

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