What Does Adt Cellular Failure Mean? (5 Easy Fixes)

Not sure why you have received an ADT failure alert message on your system? This is a common communication issue and may happen for various reasons.

So, what does ADT cellular failure mean?

The ADT cellular failure is a communication error that may occur due to hindrance in the signal transmission to the ADT. This may often happen due to a power outage. So, wait until the power outage gets fixed and then run a communication test from the panel. If it still fails, feel free to contact us at 1-800-ADT-ASAP.

Keep digging through this blog to understand the possible causes of cellular failure ADT. You will also learn how to deal with such a situation quickly.

how to fix adt cellular failure?

Why does the ADT system say cellular failure?

The ADT system might involve various elements. However, most of them are reversible and thus can efficiently be dealt with.

Here are the reasons why your ADT system might say cellular failure:

  • Power or cell service outage within your area
  • Outdated ADT service
  • Outdated Service equipment for ADT
  • Poor network connection
  • Weak batteries

How to fix ADT cellular failure?

The trouble caused by ADT failure can easily be managed. You just need to follow a step-by-step guide until the main cause can be cleared.

Here are the steps to fix cellular failure on the ADT system:

1. Cell service or power outage

The initial step to fix a cellular failure is to check if there’s cell service or power outage in your area. This is done by visiting the website of the local power company. However, if you don’t see any outages, simply reset your system.

Here are the steps to reset your ADT system:

  1. Firstly, head to the main control panel and open it.
  2. Then type in the passcode into the system and press Off twice.
  3. Lastly, remove your system from the test mode by heading to MyADT.com. Then go to the System Management option. Next, click on My Alarm from the list and select Stop Test.

Another way is to wait until the outage gets resolved and then run a communication test.

Here are the steps to run a communication test:

  1. Firstly, log into your MyADT account.
  2. Next, select the option Alarm System on the Navigation bar.
  3. Now head to the System Test tab and select the Start Test Mode.

2. Update ADT system

Your ADT cellular system may often show problems while its routine updates and thus may lose the cell connection for some time. In such a case, you’ll receive multiple warnings while performing the system update.

These warnings will give you enough time to prepare if the system doesn’t work during the day. So, in such a case, contact the ADT customer service team at 800-587-4198.

3. Replace your outdated equipment

As you know, ADT has initiated the 3G Network Sunset with the advancement of cell service technology. Therefore, you may need equipment that can equip 5G or LTE.

In addition, if you use the old cellular equipment, you may not be able to run with the updated network speeds. Hence, you must contact the ADT customer care team for a replacement and conversion service.

So, simply schedule an appointment on your MADT account or call 800-587-4198; the technician will then aid you in replacing your outdated equipment with a new one having faster radio network speeds.

4. Poor Network connections

Slow network connections or poor coverage are pretty common in remote areas, occurring due to interruptions in the communication between the monitoring panel and your ADT system.

Below are three ways to boost the speed of your network:

  • Setting the command panel near the window to get better reception of the signals
  • Advancing the landline system into the landline monitoring system to have more reliable communication between your ADT panel and the monitoring center.
  • Keep your ADT control system away from metal objects and all other electronic devices to avoid interrupting signal transmission.
  • Installing a cell network enhancer will aid in amplifying the signals more efficiently.

In this way, you’ll have better network coverage, and thus all the concerns regarding your cellular may resolve in no time.

5. Replace the low-powered batteries

Since the ADT system is wireless, they use batteries to work. If your system has weak batteries, they will fail to function. Moreover, sometimes you may fail to see the low battery alert message, which may lead to showing you the cellular failure notification, especially if the battery is running flat straight.

Below are the steps to fix the weak battery issue for the cellular failure:

  1. Firstly, check all the security systems and smoke detectors to ensure they have low-powered batteries. You may even receive an alert message for that, too, indicating which battery is running weak.
  2. Next, replace the low-powered batteries of the affected sensor.
  3. Lastly, wait for a few minutes after the replacement of the batteries. Check if you receive any notification with a ‘cellular failure’ If not, then the problem has been resolved.

Frequently Ask Questions

How to fix ADT cell trouble?

To fix the ADT cell trouble, wait until the power outage gets resolved, then run a communication test from the panel or simply call 1-800-ADT-ASAP for ADT service assistance.

What cellular network does ADT use?

ADT utilizes the AT&T cellular network via CDMA technology.

Does ADT use Wi-Fi or cellular?

ADT uses cellular technology to run the high-tier ADT system. However, you’ll need Wi-Fi to run the extra features, primarily when you use an enhanced package to link your smart home gadgets.

Does ADT only work with Wi-Fi?

Yes, ADT requires Wi-Fi for Wi-Fi-enabled devices. This will enable you to control and monitor your ADT using your smartphone. Such cameras should be placed near the router for maximum Wi-Fi signal range.

What is cellular backup with ADT?

The cellular backup for ADT allows your security alarm to function without a landline. It allows you to have a great backup plan essential for your security.


In conclusion, ADT cellular failure hinders signal transmission to the ADT system. It’s a communication error and may occur most commonly due to a power outage. So, in such a case, wait until the power returns and then run a communication test from the panel.

So, ride through the blog to learn all the possible causes for ADT cellular failure and fixes to eliminate this issue in no time.

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