8 Signs Your Neighbor Is Watching You – [How to Stop Them]

Are you here because you have noticed your neighbors being creepy as they have been watching you through your property? This is stalking, and thus you should call it out for your protection.

So, what are the signs your neighbor is watching you?

Here are the signs your neighbor is watching you: 

  • They know your daily schedule
  • They try to climb your fence or enter the yard
  • They inquire you your traveling schedule
  • They try to enter your house

So, if you observe any of the signs from your neighbor, be aware as they may be planning something against you. Therefore, let’s ride through this article to learn quick around to deal with such a terrifying situation.

8 Signs Your Neighbor Is Watching You

How to know if your neighbor is spying on you?

Several signs may let you know if your neighbor is stalking you. These signs may annoy you to the core and may often make you go crazy. To let go of this uneasy feeling, you should take a step before it’s too late.

Below are the signs that your neighbor is watching you:

1. They know your daily schedule

It is a warning sign if you often notice your neighbor outside when you’re leaving or coming back to your house. However, don’t be too quick to judge them, as there might be any reason if they’re out. So, observe and look for other signs to confirm your suspicion.

In addition, if you witness your neighbor looking through their window, watching you do your routine chores, or asking you irrelevant questions regarding your routine. Then it is something to worry about, and thus you should avoid answering them.

2. They try to climb your fence or enter the yard

The most apparent sign of stalking is if your neighbor tries to climb over your fence or enter your yard. No sane person would do that without permission. Therefore, be vigilant if you notice any such behavior from your neighbor.

Note that it’s not against the law to look over someone’s fence unless they use any technical equipment like a telescope. However, if their behavior concerns you in any way, talk to them and inquire about it. You may even call the concerned authority for your security.

3. They inquire you your traveling schedule

If you’re fond of traveling, especially for extended vacations, keeping your home safe behind your back is essential. However, if you notice your neighbor asking you irrelevant questions regarding your trip with unusual behavior, giving out signs of stalking, then be alert.

Such a neighbor would break into your house in your absence, so get yourself a Vivint security system or an ADT system which are the best home security systems with the most reliable services.

4. They follow you on social media and comment a lot

No doubt, social media can often be used for stalking. According to the NISVS report, around 60.7% of men and 55.9% of women were victims of online or social media stalking. So, if you notice your neighbor being overly friendly on social media and commenting a lot, try to act before it’s late.

Here are the steps you may take:

  • Limit the content you post to your close friends.
  • Turn off the location settings
  • Change the privacy settings to allow limited friends to have access
  • Unfriend or block the people who interfere a lot in your personal life

5. They inquire a lot about your personal life

A curious neighbor interested in your personal life would try to ask lots of questions. Such people try to get closer to you to learn more about you and your family.

Here are some of the questions a suspicious neighbor can ask:

  • What is your sleeping time?
  • At what time will you leave your home for the office?
  • At what time will you come back from the office?
  • How long are you going on vacation?
  • Do you have any security system installed at home?

6. They try to follow you in public places

Bumping into your neighbors at random places a lot isn’t a coincidence. They might be stalking you at times. It’s better to be safe than sorry. So, try changing your shopping markets and other places to check whether you see them there. If yes, then indeed, take some action.

7. They inquire or make comments about your children

Asking irrelevant and unnecessary questions regarding your children is not at all okay. If someone makes pointless comments about your children, consider their behavior intrusive.

Moreover, only allow the adults whose children are of your children’s age to ask questions that are too relevant to your children. Otherwise, stay vigilant and take proper action by shutting them down if needed.

8. They inquire about how many people are at your home

If your neighbor asks a lot about who lives with you and their info, such as their daily routine, then just avoid talking to them. They may be inquiring you to get an idea when you are alone at home. This may thus help them to harm you without any hints.

So, simply stay away from such neighbors and don’t let them know much about you and your family members’ lives.

Is it legal for neighbors to spy on you?

It’s illegal for anyone to spy on someone. So, if you ever notice your neighbor spying or stalking you, then it is something to be worried about, and thus you should take action.

In addition, if you see your neighbor just watching you from their house and not attempting to get into your house or other signs of spying, then it is illegal. However, you still need to be cautious to avoid any sort of mishap on your end.

How to deal with psycho neighbors?

Don’t miss any sign if you notice your neighbor being intrusive and suspicious. Be aware and step at the right time to avoid danger.

Here are the steps to deal with a psycho neighbor:

  • Don’t overshare your stuff on social media.
  • Remove or block unnecessary people from your social media.
  • Record when you saw your neighbor watching, stalking, or following you.
  • Try talking to your neighbor gently about how uncomfortable you feel when they watch you and ask them to stop doing so.
  • Ask your friends or family members to keep an eye on your house.
  • Check out for any signs of your mail being tampered with.
  • Install a security camera within and outside your house to monitor anything suspicious. You may opt for a honeywell camera or blink security system. Nest thermostats or ring systems are also great options.
  • Try changing your daily routine. This will enable your stalkers to stay away from you.
  • Use the buddy system at home. This means don’t stay alone at home. Try being with someone to avoid any mishaps.
  • Contact the police if anything gets serious. File a report against your stalkers and leave a paper trail that may help you defend yourself in court if needed.


Spying, stalking, or following someone is illegal. It’s not just uneasy or uncomfortable but dangerous too. If you notice your neighbor showing creepy behavior, such as watching you a lot from their windows, trying to jump into your yard, or asking irrelevant questions, do stay alert.

Therefore, in this article, we have discussed the significant signs that your neighbor is watching you. We have also listed the steps you may take to tackle such a situation. So, be alert and stay safe!

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