5 Best Places to Mount Ring Doorbell – [Easy to Install]

Can’t figure out what mounting options you can have for your Ring doorbell? There are various possibilities, each varying with respective temporary or permanent solutions. Moreover, installing a Ring doorbell can be tricky, especially when considering the most suitable mounting option as per your need.

So, let’s dig into this blog to have a clear idea of the available Ring doorbell mounting options that you may opt for. You can choose the most appropriate one per your requirement- the permanent or temporary option. The temporary ones go well, especially if you live in a rented place.

ring doorbell mounting options

Ring doorbell Mounting options

Ring doorbells can be mounted in various ways, depending on your convenience. For instance, if you’re okay with nailing on your wall, you can do so. If not, you can opt for adhesive or zip-tie mounting. Similarly, there are other options too, so look for the pros and cons of it before selecting it.

Here are the options for Ring doorbell mounting options:

1. Mounting on the wall

The most straightforward way to mount your Ring doorbell is simply to attach them to the wall. This involves drilling holes in the walls and screwing through the mounting bracket. Although this may sound like no great deal, it will damage your walls to a great extent.

In addition, mounting into the walls comprises installation difficulty, lack of flexibility, and aesthetic disorientation. These concerns may trigger some customers who may thus not opt for this option.

So, if you have no problem with enduring installation involving drilling and screwing on your wall, you may opt for this option. Otherwise, head down to the next one.

2. The Anti-theft Mounting

Are you searching for a mounting option that can also protect your Ring from theft? Then anti-theft Mounting is the best method you can opt for.

Moreover, the perfect thing about it is that it doesn’t involve drilling into your wall. So, you just need to attach the Ring doorbell to the security plate on your door. Then you just need to fix the clips as per the thickness of your door.

Furthermore, these anti-theft mountings options have a locking mechanism too that prevents them from being removed. So, if your area has a high crime rate, what is stopping you from opting for this?

3. Mounting using an adhesive material

Unlike Mounting on the wall, which involves an unappealing appearance, mounting using the adhesive material may help you give a presentational look for your Ring attached to any surface- a wall or any other hard surface.

Moreover, it’s the most suitable option if you want a temporary solution for mounting while living in a rental place. So, no need for drilling or screwing; stick your Ring doorbell using the adhesive material and take it with you by de-attaching them when leaving the rental place.

Do you know Ring now offers a No-Drill Mount containing an adhesive substance? This adhesive substance just needs to be applied at the back of the bracket, which must then be pressed hard against the surface where Ring needs to be mounted. Sounds interesting?

Further, if you’re wondering about the reliability of the adhesive substance, then note that it’s highly durable and can even hold your Ring in extreme weather and temperature.

4. Mounting using zip ties

If none of the above method is available, this zip ties mounting option can go well for you. It doesn’t involve any screwing or adhesive material, as you just need to locate a stable surface to mount your Ring devices, such as a metal railing or wooden porch post.

After that, tighten the zip ties for a better grip on your doorbell by threading them through the holes at the back.

However, regarding its durability, this method is unsuitable in areas with high winds or extreme temperatures. The zip ties loosen over time and need to be tightened over time. Also, if your area has a higher theft rate, we suggest you avoid this option.

5. The angle mounting

Angled Mounting is a unique method for Mounting. It involves the Ring doorbell being mounted at an angle rather than simply against the wall.

This option goes really well where the surface isn’t flat, or you need to place your Ring doorbell at an angle to adjust the view of your doorbell. You can find these angle mounts in two angles, including 30 and 40 degrees, which are easy to install.

Moreover, they’re made of either plastic or metal, which are highly durable and longstanding. So, you can opt for angle mounts due to their flexibility and excellent camera coverage.


Ring doorbell mounting may be challenging at times due to the availability of so many options. These options may differ in many ways, such as durability, time duration, and flexibility. Therefore, you must opt for the most suitable and reliable one. The anti-theft is worth it for us due to security reasons and excellent flexibility.

So, dig into this blog for a quick idea of how each mounting works. Consider both pros and cons of each method and choose according to your ease. Moreover, you may even ask the Ring customer care team for their suggestion if you’re still confused about what Mounting may go best for you.

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