Ring Doorbell Hardwired but Not Charging [10 Proven Fixes]

Are you confused why your Ring doorbell hardwired is not charging? This is a pretty common issue that may be associated with various reasons, most commonly wiring issues.

So, the real question is, why won’t my Ring doorbell charge?

There are various causes why your Ring doorbell isn’t charging. The most common of which include damaged and frayed wires or power-related issues. Inaccurate placement of the battery and damage to the charger may also result in charging issues. Moreover, sudden changes in weather conditions, such as chilly weather outside, may also cause such a problem.

Ride through this article for a quick around for your Ring doorbell not charging. It will help you follow a quick step-by-step guide to test and troubleshoot your Ring doorbell to eliminate any problems creating hindrances for charging.

ring doorbell hardwired but not charging

Why is my Hardwired Ring doorbell not charging?

Your Hardwired Ring doorbell may not charge at times. This may happen due to any underlying cause that may go unnoticed. In such a case, you must rule out the cause by testing your doorbell rather than panicking or heading for professional help.

Here are the causes why your Hardwired Ring doorbell isn’t charging:

  • Faulty installation of your Ring doorbell
  • Damaging or fraying of the wiring and cables
  • Extreme cold or icy weather outside your house
  • Poor voltage for your doorbell’s wires
  • Poor connection to the Wi-Fi
  • Problem with your Ring doorbell

Troubleshoot “Ring doorbell Hardwired not charging” issue

It’s quite essential to know the fundamental cause for your Ring doorbell hardwired but not charging before tinkering with its wiring. So, to do so, you need to test and troubleshoot your Ring doorbell by following a quick step-by-step guide.

Here are the steps to troubleshoot your Ring doorbell hardwired not charging issue:

1. Check the Wi-Fi’s strength for Ring

The most crucial and initial step is to ensure that the strength of your Wi-Fi is sufficient enough not to cause any such problem. There are various hurdles associated with weak Wi-Fi; for instance, weak Wi-Fi may consume way too much of the battery. This would then draw a picture of your Ring not charging.

Here’s the way to check the strength of Wi-Fi for Ring

  1. Firstly, head to the Ring app.
  2. Now select the device or doorbell showing the problem at your end.
  3. Next, select the Device Health Icon.
  4. You’ll now see a signal strength indicator displaying the Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) value of your Wi-Fi for your Ring hardwired doorbell.
  5. If the value is -55 or below, you must add an extender for more robust Wi-Fi coverage. You may also move closer to the router as an alternative.

Ring Doorbell Wi-Fi RSSI strength meaning and its indication:

  • -40 to 0: This indicates excellent Wi-Fi strength with no issues associated with battery life, camera quality, or Ring doorbell functionality.
  • -65 to -41: This indicates a sufficient Wi-Fi strength, but it’s on the fringe, which can later cause connectivity issues and occasional glitches, especially while video streaming.
  • -66 to -90: This indicates weak Wi-Fi, which may fail your Ring doorbell to function.

2. Ensure your Ring App shows an updated battery level

Ensuring your Ring app shows the correct battery level is super important, as some glitches may show this error, confusing you and creating hurdles at your end.

In addition, the Ring app sometimes takes some time to update the status of your battery. In both cases, you need to press the button on your Ring doorbell multiple times to refresh or force the battery status. This would show your Ring device’s current, most accurate battery status.

3. Ensure your Charger is working well

Another possibility is that your charger for the Ring doorbell may have some issue that can prevent it from charging your device. In such a case, you must ensure your Ring’s charger is fine.

So, to do so, connect your Ring’s charger to another device. If that device starts charging, there’s no problem with the charger. However, if it doesn’t, then the reason behind your charger not charging is clear, and you thus need to change the charger and thus get a new one to avoid any other obstacle at your end.

4. Disable the Motion Schedule

The Motion Schedule is the motion sensitivity feature that detects the motion at any time of the day. By disabling this feature, you can reduce your Ring doorbell’s activity when not needed, especially at night, enabling it to charge well.

Here are the steps to schedule the Motion sensor for your Ring:

  1. Firstly, head to the Ring app.
  2. Next, tap on the Menu icon present at the top left corner.
  3. Now tap on Devices and select the Ring device you want to adjust.
  4. Further, tap on the Motion Settings title.
  5. Select Advanced Settings and select Motion Schedules.
  6. Give your Schedule a name and then edit the works you want it to work or stop working.
  7. Lastly, tap on Continue and tap on Save to save the changes made.

5. Check the weather conditions

The hardwired Ring doorbell works on lithium batteries, so extreme temperatures, especially cold, can affect the activity of your device.

So, when the temperature falls below 36 F, these lithium batteries may lose their ability to charge. Moreover, they may probably stop working completely below -5 F. So, the only way to cope with this cold climate is to keep your Ring device inside when not in use to prevent any damages or difficulties.

6. Check for the wiring issues of your Ring doorbell

Wiring issues are also pretty common with Ring doorbells that can cause problems while charging them. So, below are the steps to check for any wiring issues with your Ring:

  1. Check the tightness of the screws connecting the power wires to the Ring doorbell contacts. If they’re very tight, loosen them up to avoid any damage.
  2. Next, clean the battery charger contacts to prevent using alcohol or lemon juice to clear any residue that may hinder current flow.
  3. Lastly, switch the wires going to the contacts. This often clears up wiring errors and glitches that may create several problems.

7. Try replacing the battery

Another possibility for your Ring doorbell not charging may be the outdated battery. The battery sometimes loses its capability to function, which may hinder its performance and charging capability.

In such a case, replace the old battery with a new one to enable your Ring to start working again. Moreover, we suggest you keep a spare battery to prevent mishaps.

8. Ensure transformer voltage is adequate

Typically, hardwired Ring doorbells require 4-28 volts of AC electricity. If the voltage at your end is sufficient to enable your Ring to function, it will show it on the Ring app.

However, if not, which you can easily visualize by tapping on the Voltage section of your Ring app, you need to get it fixed.

Furthermore, you can also contact the Rings support team if you need any more troubleshooting fixes if you’re receiving enough volts. They’ll probably ask you to upgrade your Ring to the newest version.

9. Factory reset your device

If none of the above troubleshooting hacks helped you, you could try Factory resetting your device. Factory reset works as a reboot that refreshes your system in no time. It clears up all the bugs, errors, and glitches for a quick restart.

To do so, press the setup button for 30 seconds to flash a light and restart. Then again, gently press the button to enable it to set up.

10. Contact the customer care team

Lastly, contact the customer care team if you cannot find a clue for the primary problem leading to a charging issue for your Ring doorbell.

The customer team is very supportive. They’ll listen to your problem and try to solve it in every possible way. They’ll help you locate the issue; however, if the problem is with the Ring itself, they’ll get you to replace or repair it too.

Note that the replacement and repair depend upon the Ring device’s age, such as the warranty and eligibility.


In conclusion, if your Ring doorbell isn’t charging, you don’t need to rush to the Ring head office. You just need to look for the underlying problems yourself, including environmental factors, systemic errors, or human error. Later, you need to try resolving it, which wouldn’t cost much of your time or energy.

However, the Ring customer team is always there for you. You may even contact them at any point. For more details and discussion, dig into this article.


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