Nest Doorbell Not Working After Power Outage [Reconnect]

Not sure why your Nest doorbell isn’t working after a power outage? This is pretty common and may happen due to various reasons. The most common include outdated Nest apps, low battery, and incompatible Wi-Fi connection. Other causes may include more voltage to the doorbell leading to further damage.

So, let’s ride through this blog for a quick workaround for resolving all the problems concerning your doorbell not working after a power outage. These fixes are pretty simple and would not take much of your time and energy.

nest doorbell not working after power outage

What to do if Nest doorbell stops working after a power outage?

We can surely understand how annoying and frustrating it gets when your doorbell stops working, especially after a power outage.

One just gets clueless, particularly when there’s no sign of burnout or broken wires. Also, the software would sometimes get shut down, and thus, there may be no indication of what to do next. Moreover, if your unit dies or gets malfunctions and there’s no warranty left, then replacement is the only option left.

In any way you need to follow a proper guide to fix your Nest doorbell. This guide will help you resolve the main problem step-by-step until you get your Nest doorbell online again. However, calling a technician is the best option if it isn’t fixed.

How to fix Nest doorbell not working after power outage?

Here are the steps to fix your nest camera offline:

1. Restart your Wi-Fi router

The first step to fix your Nest doorbell not working is to restart your Wi-Fi router. Your Wi-Fi router may often lose connection due to an interruption in the power supply. This mainly happens after a power shortage or low voltage.

So, try restarting your router for a quick reboot. It will refresh the entire system and thus will enable it to work efficiently. Here are the steps to restart your Wi-Fi router:

  1. Firstly, turn off your Wi-Fi router.
  2. Next, leave it turned off for 3 to 5 minutes.
  3. Then turn it on again and check the connection and functioning of your doorbell.

To check the efficiency of your Wi-Fi connection, try connecting it to your smartphone first and then browse any webpage. If the webpage opens up, this would indicate the proper connection and service of your Wi-Fi.

Later on, check if your doorbell is working or not. To do so, head to the Nest app or Google home, and look for the activity of your doorbell there. If it shows online, this would indicate that the problem has been solved and your doorbell can work effectively without any hurdle.

However, if the problem persists, head to the next hack.

2. Check your Wi-Fi’s router settings

The next hack to fix your problematic doorbell is to check the Wi-Fi router settings. It’s essential to do so as sometimes these settings can automatically be interrupted and changed, especially when the system gets restarted or shut down.

While checking your router’s settings, ensure your router has an efficient and suitable Wi-Fi channel selected as the default.

You must change your router’s band if the incorrect one is chosen. To see the most suitable channel band, check your Nest manual and then try changing the settings as needed.

If this hack doesn’t help you in any way, feel free to move to the next fix.

3. Try unhiding your Wi-Fi network

It may often happen that hiding your Wi-Fi network for security purposes may disconnect your connection after a shutdown or restart.

Therefore, we would suggest you un-hid your Wi-Fi at the earliest time to prevent an inconvenience. Note that hiding the Wi-Fi network doesn’t help in any way. It would not secure your system but would create unlimited problems on your end.

So, simply unhid your SSID and connected your Nest doorbell to it. Check the connection; even if it is unresolved, go to the next hack.

4. Update your Nest app

After resolving all the Wi-Fi errors, the next hack is to check for any updates for your Nest app. It’s really prevailing that the outdated Nest app prevents the effective functioning of the connected device, whether the doorbell or the camera.

Here are the steps to update your Nest app:

  1. Head to the App store if you have an iOS device or go to the Play Store if you have an Android phone.
  2. Next, look for any updates available.
  3. Click on the update and run them to resolve all the unnecessary errors at your end.

5. Unplug your Nest doorbell

Last but not least, try unplugging your Nest doorbell if none of the above hacks help you in any way. Here are the steps to unplug your Nest doorbell:

  1. Firstly, remove your Nest doorbell from the wall.
  2. Next, disconnect the USB cable connected to the doorbell.
  3. Wait for a few minutes.
  4. Now, plug it in again and check if it’s working.


In conclusion, your Nest doorbell may not work due to either Wi-Fi errors, an outdated Nest app, or errors within your Nest doorbell. In any case, you must follow a proper guide to rule out the main cause, as it’s not clearly visible.

However, if none of the hacks help you, feel free to contact the technician for further assistance. He may try to fix the problem or even suggest you get a new one if the system dies or malfunctions.

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