How to Use Vivint Camera Without Service? (Monthly Charges)

Are you here because you have recently shifted or switched your smart home providers, and now you are wondering about keeping their equipment like a camera? This is understandable, as who doesn’t want to get free stuff without opting for any service?

So, can you use a Vivint camera without a service?

No, you cannot use a Vivant camera without service. Therefore, it would be great if you buy the Smart Home Video Monitoring monthly service plan to avail its equipment. Moreover, you may use up to 4 cameras on one subscription plan. However, you’ll need to pay extra for the third and the fourth camera.

Keep reading to learn all the details related to the Vivint system without monitoring.

how to use vivint camera without service

What happens if I cancel Vivint?

There are certain conditions concerning the Vivint service related to its cancellation. If you have a month-to-month subscription, you may cancel it whenever you want.

However, if you have bought five years subscription package, there is a cancellation fee. The cancellation fee may differ each year of the subscription.

For instance, if you cancel it early, you’ll need to pay the remaining amount. Moreover, if you cancel it within the contract’s first year, you’ll need to pay a cancellation fee of $300. Similarly, if you cancel it in the second year, you’ll be required to pay a $150 cancellation fee.

You can transfer the account to someone else if you don’t want to pay the cancellation fee. The other person must pay a $99 transfer fee in such a case. However, you won’t have to pay anything.

In addition, the best thing is if you have paid fully for the Vivint devices, then you may keep the equipment even after the cancellation of the Vivint service.

Certain conditions may allow you to cancel the subscription without paying a penny. These are as follows:

  • Medical discharge for active military
  • Deployment for active military
  • Moving into an assisted living house
  • Bankruptcy
  • Death

Can I use Vivint equipment without monitoring?

Yes, you can use Vivint equipment without monitoring. However, you cannot use its app on your smartphone.

Therefore, you will be able to utilize its limited features. For instance, you may use still arm or disarm the alarm, automate things up like door lock or thermostat by setting it up whenever you leave. However, you may hear its siren ring whenever someone tries to break in, but it may not call the police.

Furthermore, there’s a small hack to use the Vivint equipment without monitoring. All you need to do is contact the previous owners of it and get the pin code which you may use to arm or disarm the alarm. Note that the Vivint team would never share the pin code with you for some reason, so you’ll have to contact the owners.

However, if you cannot contact the previous owners, you may contact the Vivint team. Activate the system for a month, get a new PIN code, and later cancel the service after that, as you get the code when the service is active. Their monitoring service is month to month so the service would end, but the PIN code will remain the same.

How to cancel the Vivint contract?

You must send a cancellation notice to the company to cancel the Vivint contract. Note that there are some of the important info that you need to include in the letter, as follows:

  • Reason for the cancellation of the contract
  • Your account number
  • Date
  • Your signature

Another way to cancel the Vivint agreement is to email them at [email protected] or call 1-800-216-5232. In any way, we would suggest you call Vivint and confirm whether they have received the mail or the letter or not. This is because, in some cases where the letter was sent, Vivint had previously claimed they didn’t receive one.

Can Vivint access your camera feed after canceling the account?

No, Vivint can never access your camera feed, even after the cancellation of the account. The main purpose of the monitoring feature is to respond to the alarm, not look at why it was triggered at your home. So, it will never view your recordings or camera feed.

How much are the monthly charges to activate the Vivint?

Three packages are available to activate the Vivint, and they all differ in their services and prices. The first one is $29.99 per month and includes monitoring the police, fire, and medical. Also, the features of the apps too.

The second one is $39.99 per month and includes the extra control feature of any smart home item behind the app. So, if you have any thermostat or automated door lock, you may also control that from the app.

Lastly, the $49.99 per month package controls everything, including the camera. It may also allow you to control the camera through your smartphone wherever you’re as long you have the mobile phone service.

Note that you may opt for the service from month to month. However, some companies work based on the contract.

Therefore, you must sign a contract for a minimum of 3 years. Thus, you’ll have to pay some dollars upfront.


Were you considering using the same Vivint equipment as a camera without their service? This sounds cool but is it even possible to do so? These questions may arise when you recently shifted or changed your smartphone providers.

So, walk through this complete guide to how to use the Vivint camera without service. We have also discussed other major concerns related to the Vivint service and monitoring, such as its cancellation fee, the cancellation procedure, and many more.

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