(3 Easy Steps) – How to Transfer ADT Account Ownership?

Have you just shifted to a new place and wondering how to transfer adt account ownership to the new location? It’s pretty simple but may be a bit hectic at times.

So, can you transfer the ADT contract?

Yes, you may easily transfer the ADT contract to the new owner, especially when moving out. However, the wise way is to contact the ADT directly before moving. This will make the procedure much simpler by saving your time. Then, the ADT team will draw the new contract by drawing the name of the new owner on your account. 

Keep reading this post to learn the most straightforward way to transfer ADT account ownership and how to change the ADT account name.

How to Transfer Adt Account Ownership

How to transfer ADT account ownership?

To transfer your ADT account ownership, you’ll need to contact the ADT support team for ADT 30 day cancellation notice. In this period, they’ll take time to draw new contracts for the specific location depending upon your needs.

In addition, note that the ADT team may ask you for your details for initiating the process. So, always have all the details ready beforehand to avoid any confusion or delay at that moment. Also, it’s pretty essential to have your account updated as this will make the whole procedure much simpler.

Here are the steps to transfer ADT account ownership:

  1. Firstly, contact the ADT team. To do so, call them and inform them of the particular date you’re moving out, as they will relocate the system and account accordingly.
  2. Next, the ADT will update the contract by drawing the new one and offering options suitable for you. Also, note that the service price may depend upon the agreement, size of the new location, and type of the system.
  3. The ADT technicians will head to your new place and install the new system. They’ll update the contract and the information too. Also, if your previous system is old, they’ll update it too.

Once the technician installs the new system at your place, you’ll be able to enjoy the ADT services. So, you may opt for this opportunity to get the latest and greatest deals in no time. However, note you have to contact the ADT team 30 days before moving out so the team may make the arrangements for you at the right time.

Do you need to take any equipment when moving out?

No, you don’t need to take any equipment with you when moving out. The ADT will take care of everything and install the new system with upgraded info as soon as possible. So, you just need to contact the ADT team and ask for your required facilities.

The ADT team usually doesn’t reinstall the previous equipment as uninstalling it requires much more time and cost. Furthermore, it is so that the technicians will have to invest their time and energy to move the system, trace the wire, and much more. All this may even damage the equipment. So, such hard work is not worth it.

How to change the ADT account name?

Changing the ADT account name may be super helpful in transferring the ADT account ownership too. So, simply put your account in a different name which is a single-step procedure.

So, here are the ways to change the ADT account name:

  1. You may directly call the ADT team to remove your name.
  2. Or you may opt for the online step in which you may update the account info yourself.
  3. Or you may simply cancel your account with the ADT.

However, note that if you opt to change the ADT account name, you must have someone from your friends or relatives take over your account. This procedure may be a bit hectic for you, but it will surely save your cancellation fee. Moreover, suppose you’re canceling your account. In that case, you’ll have to pay some as the breaking fee, but if your contract is ending, no such payment would be applicable.

How to transfer the ADT account to the buyer?

It may be a possibility that you sell your account and the new buyer wants you to transfer the ADT account to his name. In such a case, it’s impossible to do so as your account is under your name. You’ll first need to cancel your account and then draw a new contract for the new owner to let him get access. Also, they’ll have to provide their complete info and credentials for the procedure to complete.


Are you going to a new place and want to transfer your ADT account there? It’s pretty simple and would require a few straightforward steps. So, you just contact the ADT team 30 days before your shifting date, and then the team will manage everything. Also, the other way is simply to change the account name, but it may be a bit hectic.

Considering this, we have discussed in detail how to transfer ADT account ownership along with the simplest way to change your ADT name. However, note that you may even cancel your account with the ADT, but in such a case, you may need to pay some amount as the breaking fee. So, make your decision wisely.

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