How to Reset Vivint Panel? (7 Easy Steps)

Can’t figure out how to reset the Vivint panel to refresh your system? Resetting your system or updating its software clears all the errors and bugs within a few minutes. Moreover, it deletes all the data, too, giving your system a brand-new touch to it.

So, can you reset your Vivint panel?

Yes, you can reset or reboot your Vivint panel, which hardly takes 5 to 10 minutes at max. This is a great way to remove any problem your system faces. To do so, tap on the Smart Hub and then on Reboot. Press Yes to confirm the step.

Walk through this article to learn how to reset your Vivint panel manually.

how to reset vivint panel

How to reset vivint panel?

Factory resetting the Vivint panel removes all the bugs from the software and runs the application from the beginning to interpret the problem behind any error, later then clears it up too.

Here are the steps to reset the Vivint panel:

1. Disabling the alarm

The first and most important step is to disable the alarm option. This step is to prevent your alarm from buzzing sound when not needed. You know that the alarm alerts you by ringing when one crosses the boundary setting on the system for your house.

Moreover, this step will avoid disturbing your neighbors and thus avoid creating a scene or panic situation when you’re resetting your panel.

2. Disconnecting the power

The next step is disconnecting your Vivint panel’s power by cutting down the primary power source. This is essential to avoid any hazardous situation as you would be working on the live wires.

We suggest you disconnect the wire and turn off the switch to double remove the power source, ensuring no connectivity.

In addition, if you’re unaware of the electrical equipment, we suggest you take an expert’s help.

3. Removing the front panel from the back plate

After disconnecting the power, head on to remove the front panel from the back plate. Note that the Vivint panel has two components; the front panel lies at the back. To remove it, you’ll need a screwdriver as it’s connected with a screw.

After unscrewing it, press the tabs present on the right and left sides. This will unlock the panel from the back plate.

Moreover, we suggest you do this step pretty gently as you’ll engage with the wires and internal system. A slight hard touch would disrupt the whole equipment. So, be careful while de-attaching the front panel from the back plate.

4. Disabling the power source

Further, you need to disable the power sources. Your Vivint panel mainly has two power sources: the direct circuit board and the batteries.

So, unplug all the wires that are the primary power source. Then remove the batteries from the system.

After removing the batteries, wait 5 minutes for a quick reboot, then connect them back to your system.

5. Putting all the connections back

After a quick reboot, place everything back in its place. This includes connecting the power cable and the batteries. Be careful while doing so to avoid any disruption in connections of other wires.

However, if by any means the connections get displaced. Don’t remove or change them; instead, place them back in their place.

6. Remounting back the panel

Once you have put all the connections back, the next step is to remount and then power up the panel. To do so, properly line up the bottom of the panel to its exact position. Then place the front panel above. Check the back plate before doing so to avoid any problems later.

Now, put back the screw, properly tighten it up and then plug the panel back into the wall. Ensure that no wires come out of the cover and that you place it well, so dirt or dust enters later. However, if your panel has a small hole around it, dust may enter inside and damage the system later.

7. Activating the panel

The last but super important step is to activate the panel. To do so, switch the power plug and allow the panel’s current to flow.

The system would then start the software update, error checking, and restoring procedure for the default settings. This will enable your system to run smoothly without any interruption.

Note that this whole resetting procedure will take 10 to 15 minutes. So, be patient and don’t hurry up and damage any equipment.

In addition, if you face any sort of problem while resetting the Vivint system, such as turning it back on or connecting the wires, feel free to contact the customer care team for assistance. The team will assist you on call. However, if that doesn’t work for you, they’ll head to your place to help you in the best possible way.


If you’re facing any sort of trouble with your Vivint system, try resetting it. This would clear up all the glitches, errors, and bugs in no time. You just need to follow a quick guide that would hardly take 5 to 10 minutes to refresh your system and thus delete all the problems creating a hurdle for your Vivint to work well.

So, read this blog for an easy guide on resetting the Vivint panel in the simplest way possible.

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