How to Rekey a Schlage Deadbolt? [Master Key]

Not sure when to replace or rekey your Schlage deadbolts and locks? No worries, as this blog, is all you need to clear your concerns through a simple guide.

But can a Schlage lock be rekeyed?

Yes, you can easily rekey a Schlage lock. It’s much cheaper and easier than replacing a lock. Moreover, it’s simply changing one or more keys to your Schlage lock. You may opt for this either when your Schlage lock isn’t working or when you no longer want to secure your lock with the original keys.

Keep reading to learn when to rekey your Schlage deadbolt and the most manageable steps to do so in a heartbeat.

how to rekey a schlage deadbolt

When should you rekey your Schlage deadbolts and locks?

Many circumstances favor rekeying your Schlage deadbolts and locks instead of replacing them. The most common include moving to a new place or stealing your keys.

Here are the reasons why you should rekey your Schlage deadbolts and locks:

  • Moving to a new house: When you’re moving to a new home or allowing new tenants for your house, the best option is to rekey your Schlage deadbolt instead of replacing it simply.
  • Your key gets stolen or lost: When your key gets misplaced by any means, you should rekey your Schlage deadbolts to avoid any outsider getting its access.
  • To simplify home access: If you have more than one entry door and ample keys to unlock, then the simplest way is to rekey each of your locks with a single master key. This will avoid any sort of confusion and will surely save you time.
  • Upgrading one or more handle sets: While upgrading your handle sets or doors to enhance their look, it’s better to rekey them with the same key set for other handle sets. This will be super convenient for you.

Tools you need to rekey a Schlage deadbolt

You may need a Schlage lock to rekey kit to rekey your Schlage deadbolts or locks. Below are the tools present in the kit for your ease.

  • The Kit Map: The kit map is essential to your Schlage lock rekey kit to navigate your way through the Kit tray.
  • The follower bar: This equipment is essential to slide the cylinder housing away from the cylinder.
  • Key gauge: The key gauge helps you determine the appropriate pin height and combinations. Also, you may remove the knob or lever from the chassis.
  • The cylinder cap removal tool: As the name suggests, you may easily remove the cylinder cap from your lock’s cylinder housing.

How to rekey a Schlage lock?

Here are the steps to rekey your Schlage lock:

  1. Firstly, remove the deadbolt from your package carefully, as you may mistakenly unsnap the tabs at the upper corner of its clamshell.
  2. Next, insert the original master key into the deadbolt.
  3. Now locate the cylinder cap and use the cylinder cap removal tool from the Schlage lock rekey kit to get it out.
  4. Further, remove the cylinder pin and spring present behind it.
  5. Look for the key now, so it’s in the two o’clock position.
  6. Using the follower bar, slide the deadbolt housing out of the cylinder. Ensure the follower bar’s notch is horizontal, and you don’t remove the follower bar and keep it inside while removing the cylinder.
  7. Now look for the existing bottom pins in the cylinder and remove them. Also, remove the master key.
  8. Insert the key into the cylinder by navigating the key cut number on your new key. Ensure you read the number from left to right, and if you’re rekeying from the duplicate key instead of the original one, use a key gauge instead.
  9. Use a rekey kit map to search for pins and match the numbers to your new key.
  10. Now look for the first hole to insert the correct numbered pin. The note read the cylinder from right to left.
  11. Repeat the above step for the second, third, fourth, and fifth holes.
  12. Ensure the pins are fully and adequately inserted plush with the cylinder to form a line when the new key is inserted in the keyway. However, if you notice any pin going above or below the surface, replace it with the correct size.
  13. Use the follower bar to push the cylinder back into the deadbolt housing. Further, remove the new key.
  14. Next, take the cylinder spring and re-insert it.
  15. Now re-insert the cylinder pin.
  16. Using the cylinder cap removal tool tighten the cylinder back to its position.
  17. Lastly, simulate locking and unlocking to ensure the process is done successfully.


In conclusion, following a simple guide, you can quickly rekey your Schlage deadbolt and locks. This rekeying is much simpler and cheaper than replacing a new Schlage deadbolt. All you need to do is get yourself a Schlage lock rekey kit with the required equipment and follow the guide.

So, ride through this blog to learn the crucial circumstances in which you may rekey your Schlage deadbolt. Also, we have listed the steps to rekey your Schlage deadbolt in no time. Note that you may require a kit map, a follower bar, a key gauge, and a Schlage lock removal tool kit.


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