How to Get Out of a Vivint Contract? [Cancellation Fee]

Are you facing troubles with your Vivint system and thinking of getting out of the Vivint contract? Or have you faced any extenuating situation that makes you cancel your contract?

In any way, can you get out of a Vivint contract?

You can get out of a Vivint contract by simply calling customer service at +1-800-216-5232. Note that you may need to pay a termination fee if you want to end it before the finish of the accepted contract. However, there isn’t any termination fee for early cancellation or circumstances like death, bankruptcy, military retirement, military medical discharge, and more.

Keep reading to learn how to get out of a Vivint contract. Also, we shall discuss the details of its cancellation fee and trial period.

how to get out of a vivint contract

Is there any Vivint cancellation fee?

There is no possible definitive answer to this question as the Vivint cancellation fee depends upon your contract, so there may or may not be a cancellation fee.

In some instances, there isn’t any early termination fee, but the company may ask you to pay off the remaining balance on your contract due to the policies in the agreement. While for some contracts, they may ask you to pay half of the required payment.

Furthermore, they may ask you to pay their monthly professional fee for the rest of the contract. So, basically, it all depends upon the policies of different agreements.

In addition, there are some circumstances in which the company might grant you an exception for the cancellation fee. These include:

  • Military Retirement
  • Military medical discharge
  • The military deployment of six months or more
  • Transition to an assisted living home
  • Bankruptcy
  • Death

Is there any trial period?

Yes, Vivint offers a trial period, but it lasts only 3 days. So in three days, you need to test your Vivint system and see if it works well for you or not.

After three days, you would lock your contract and be in a paid contract. These contracts may last for almost 42-60 months and later may get auto-renewed until you cancel it yourself. Vivint’s contracts are, therefore, the longest in the industry.

How to cancel Vivint’s contract?

Four ways to cancel your Vivint contract include using the phone, email, post, and fax.

Here are the ways to cancel the Vivint contract:

1. Cancelling the contract using a phone

A phone call is a simplest and most convenient way for most users to cancel the contract. For this, you just need to dial the Vivint customer care number and ask them to terminate your agreement. The contact number is 855-995-1224, and the team will surely help you in the best way possible.

However, remember that you’ll still need to send a photocopy or hard copy of the cancellation notice. Moreover, if there’s any situation like bankruptcy or death of the user, you’ll need to send proper documentation for proof too.

2. Cancelling a contract using an email

Another way to terminate the Vivint contract is to do it through the mail. You just need to send a formal mail to the company at [email protected].

Moreover, we would suggest you contact the customer care representative and ensure that they have received the email for contract termination or not.

3. Cancelling a contract using a post

Next, we have the method of the post to cancel the Vivint contract. For this, you need to post the letter in hand-written form. Also, you’ll have to send them a certified Notice of Cancellation (NOC) which requires the date of the notice, service number, reason for cancellation, and your valid signature.

The purpose of a certified NOC is to prevent it from getting lost in the mail. Also, you’ll receive a confirmation receipt for its delivery.

Moreover, we would suggest you keep the confirmation receipt safely with you. Also, keep a copy of the NOC with you for the safe side.

Note that you need to send the letter at:

4931 N 300 W
UT 84604
The Corporate HQ for Vivint

In addition, call your bank and tell them to stop any type of payment to Vivint’s account.

4. Cancelling a contract using the fax

Last but not least, you can even fax the company to cancel your contract at 801-377-4116. The Correspondence will then proceed with your request and contact you as needed.

Here too, we would suggest you contact the customer support member to confirm whether they have received the fax or not.

Frequently Asked Question

How long is a Vivint contract?

Being a security and monitoring company, it has a pretty long-term contract to help you in the best possible way. It lasts 3.5-5 years if you want to finance your purchase. Also, the contract gets renewed at its end until you cancel it yourself.

How do I cancel Vivint within 3 days?

The first 3 days are the trial period for Vivint, and after that, it gets locked. So, to cancel the Vivint within 3 days, you need to contact the Vivant customer support team by calling them at 855-995-1224.


In conclusion, you may easily cancel your Vivint contract through 4 ways: phone call, fax, email, and post. The termination fee depends upon the type of contract you have. Sometimes you may not need to pay the termination fee, but the company may ask you for payment for other facilities concerning the contract.

The first three days are the trial days in which you need to ensure that the Vivint system is best for you or not. After that, the contract will get locked up. Ride through this article to learn about the Vivint contract, its policies, termination fees, and much more.


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