(3 Easy Ways) – How to Fix ADT Code BF or 6F?

The ADT code bf is the same as 6f, indicating a problem with the communicator on your ADT alarm. This error may even be displayed as Check 103 LngRng if you have an alphanumeric keypad.

So, what does bf mean on ADT alarm?

The error code bf stands for backup failure on the keypad communicator, especially the Honeywell 6150 keypad used by your ADT alarm. Moreover, this error indicates that your ADT monitoring center cannot communicate with the radio due to network problems. Hence, you can convey none of the events through a wireless connection.

Therefore, in this article, we shall dive through the easiest hacks to fix error ADT code bf. Also, we shall discuss how to clear the ADT bf/6f error message for your ease.

How to Fix ADT Code BF or 6F

How to fix the ADT code bf/6f?

To fix the ADT bf/6f code, you first must rule out the main cause. Then only you’ll be able to fix them accordingly.

Here are the steps to fix the ADT bf/6f code:

1. Check internet connection

A proper internet connection is really essential for your ADT system to work well. Sudden interruption to your internet connection due to a power surge, internet outage, or storm may disrupt the signal transmission. Therefore, you should always look at your internet connection when having an error code bf or 6f.

Here Are the Steps to inspect your internet connection:

  1. Firstly, check whether your internet router is working well or not. You may even turn it off for a few minutes and then turn it back on for a quick reboot.
  2. Secondly, try using the internet on your phone or open some site to check if your internet is working fine or not.
  3. Examine the wires carefully. Ensure the connection is good and no wire is loose or unplugged.
  4. Lastly, if you think there isn’t any problem concerning internet connection at your end, feel free to contact the Internet Service Provider. They’ll ensure there’s no internet surge in your area.

2. Ensure your cellular signal is strong enough

Your cellular signals should work well to work your ADT system efficiently. However, suppose there’s any backup problem. In that case, the panel will show a communication error, thus preventing sending signals to the next cellular tower. These hurdles may usually occur due to network error, service problems, and severe weather conditions.

Here are the steps to inspect your cellular signals:

  1. Ensure that panel is working well.
  2. Next, makes sure that cellular signals are fine in your area.
  3. Inspect all the wires. Ensure the connection is fine and there’s no loose or unplugged wire.
  4. Lastly, if you’re using cellular networks 2G or 3G, then upgrade them. You may opt for the LTE communicator or any newer version than that for better workup.

3. Solve problems concerning your system

If your internet connection and the cellular signal work best, there may be a fault within your system.

Here are the things to inspect within your system:

  1. Ensure your hardware is fine. However, if it’s problematic, change the panel as soon as you have a faulty system.
  2. Ensure your tamper cover controls heat and protects your system well. Or else get a new and trusted one.
  3. Your communicator should be registered. If not, contact the ADT or installation company to register and activate it.
  4. Check the power and battery, too, as such problems can result in certain troubles that are usually unrecognizable.
  5. Ensure there is proper communication between the panel and the module.

If the problem is beyond repairs, such as an overloaded device or electrical issues, then contact the repair team for your help.

How to clear the ADT bf message?

Even after resolving the problem, the adt bf code error message may still appear, but you don’t need to worry. All you need to do is disarm and arm the alarm, and the error message will disappear. You may opt for double disarm if the error message persists longer.

Here are the steps to clear the ADT bf/6f error message:

  1. Firstly, enter your security master code followed by number 1.
  2. Now enter your master code again and then press 1 again too.

So, suppose this error disappears after disarming and arming your ADT alarm. In that case, it proves that your system had this error that needed to be resolved. However, if it stays, then call the ADT support team and ask for their assistance. They send you a technician who’ll look up the main cause and resolve it in no time.


ADT bf/6f code error is an error that points towards certain problems concerning the communicator on your ADT keypad. It stands for backup failure, which indicates that your ADT monitoring center cannot communicate with the radio due to network problems. Also, it may appear as Check 103 LngRng error if you have an alphanumeric keypad.

Considering all this, we have discussed the ADT error code bf or 6f in detail, such as what it is, its causes, and some of the easiest ways to fix them. You may check your internet connection, inspect your cellular signals or solve problems concerning your system to eliminate this error. So, obey this guide step by step to stop this annoying error in no time.

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