Does Ring Record 24/7? [How Long It Keep Videos]

Are you wondering if your Ring camera records 24/7? It’s a common question, especially for the ones considering installing a Ring camera, but it might be more complex than you think.

So, does Ring record 24/7?

No, the Ring doorbell or the security camera doesn’t record 24/7 or continuously. It only gets activated when it perceives any motion or when an uncertain event gets detected. However, certain models with specific settings can do so.

Let’s explore the recording capabilities of Ring security cameras, including their recording time, motion sensing feature, and much more.

Does ring record 24/7

Do Ring cameras record all the time?

No, the Ring cameras don’t record all the time. Their recording ability is turned off until any event happens or it notices any motion.

As soon as it detects any unusual activity, it starts recording and will send you a notification to get you an alert. You may customize such a notification according to your ease.

So, for instance, if there’s any movement within the field of view of your Ring security camera, whether of any person, animal, or car, it will start recording. You’ll receive an alert message and can see the recorded video on your smartphone.

However, note that you can view the live video of your Ring doorbell continuously, or you can say 24/7 without getting recorded.

Frequently Ask Questions

1. How long does Ring keep videos?

Your Ring security camera can keep the recorded videos in your account for 60 days as per the default settings. However, you can manually adjust the storage time from at least one day to 180 days in the Ring app or its official website. Note that the storage time starts from the initial recording date.

2. Are Ring cameras equipped with night vision capabilities?

Yes, your Ring cameras can record at night. However, there are two possibilities: black and white or colored night vision. So, if the Color Night Vision feature is on, it will add colors to the video even in low light for better clarity and motion detection. However, you’ll see a black-and-white video if this feature is off.

3. How to make a Ring camera record 24/7?

Below are the steps to make your Ring camera record 24/7:

  1. Firstly, head to the three-line menu at the top left corner of your Dashboard screen.
  2. Next, tap on Devices and select the device you want to adjust.
  3. Now tap on Device Settings.
  4. Tap on Video Recording length and then tap on Max Recording length.
  5. Lastly, from the list, select the time you would like your Ring camera to record.

4. Why doesn’t my Ring camera record 24/7?

Below are the two main reasons why your Ring camera may not record 24/7:

  • Video storage: The videos take up a lot of storage space. They usually store in the cloud or on the device, being way too costly. Similarly, streaming the videos to the cloud would use a lot of bandwidth and may slow down your Internet service.
  • Battery life: Your Ring camera may be powered by batteries or hard-wired. Recording 24/7 would lead to low power frequently, and thus you’ll need to charge them every single day.

5. Does Ring only record when motion is detected?

The currently designed Ring only record when motion is detected in a particular predetermined zone or when someone rings the doorbell of your house. This enhances the protection and well-being of you and your loved ones.

6. How long does Ring record?

The hard-wired Ring cameras can record up to 60 seconds, while the battery-powered ones can record up to 30 seconds.


For final thoughts, Ring cameras don’t record continuously 24/7 due to limited storage and battery life. They only record when motion is detected or when someone rings the doorbell. Moreover, they have a night vision feature that adds color, helping you to see in the dark.

Dive into this blog to have a clear idea of the Ring camera’s recording capability and the steps to increase the time limit for recording.

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