Bought a House With ADT System? (How to Activate & Upgrade)

Are you here because you just bought a house with ADT system already installed? Don’t panic, as there’s nothing to worry about. You can use this same equipment and save some money.

So, can I use ADT cameras without service?

You can easily use ADT cameras without any ADT Self Setup security system, monitoring plan, or service. You may even use the Self setup cameras without any storage subscription plan.

Depending upon your choice, let’s ride through this article to learn how to activate or simply disconnect the already installed ADT system. We will also try to solve all your queries in the FAQ section.

Bought house with adt system - How to use it?

How to activate installed ADT system and get its pin code?

To get your ADT system to start working, you need to activate its service. To do so, visit the official website of ADT or call the helpline service at 1-800-521-1734

After calling the given number, you’ll be soon directed by the sales wrap. He’ll set up your account and will guide you about the pricing. Note that the monthly cost maybe $45, or it may vary with respect to the package you opt for.

Later, he’ll schedule the date and time the installer will come to your place to activate your account. Note that you’ll save almost $200 since your system has already been installed. After the activation, he’ll give you a pin code and teach you how to use it.

In this way, you’ll be able to turn on and off your ADT system without any hurdle whenever or wherever you are. However, note that the only benefit you may get from the pre-existing system is the relief of the installation fee. Moreover, the 3-year contract since the installation will remain per the rules.

How do I uninstall the ADT system without having the pin code?

The only way to uninstall the ADT system is to first get the pin code. The worst part is that the helpline for the ADT system never reveals the pin code on call, even if the system is not active for a long time. Therefore, you may only get the pin code by contacting the previous owner.

Moreover, if you are unable to contact the previous owner due to any reasons, you may try the below-given codes on your luck:

  • 1234
  • 2468
  • 7923

Note that these codes are just wild guesses and may not work for you. So, we don’t guarantee you; however, these are the commonest ones, so you never know.

In addition, uninstall the panel or start the service if you notice uninterrupted beeping sounds from the system.

How to upgrade the already installed ADT system?

To upgrade your already installed ADT system, either visit the official website of ADT or call the helpline service at the number 800.266.2537, just the way you did for its activation. There, they’ll guide you all about the newest versions of your ADT system.

As per our knowledge, the newest panel has a touchscreen keypad that directly connects with an app on your phone. It’s called the command center and will easily enable you to watch cameras and control the devices around your home whenever and wherever you want.

Moreover, depending upon your convenience, you may even use the old traditional one which you currently own. Most people are satisfied with it; however, we suggest you just ensure that your system is cellular-based, regardless of its model and grade.

This feature will directly call out the police using the cell towers and not your landline, which may cause trouble for you in some ways. In addition, the cellular-based ones are the most suitable and reliable as you’ll don’t have to worry about hacking the Wi-Fi or cutting the call from the landline.

How to turn off the ADT alarm when I accidentally trigger it?

To turn off the alarm you triggered accidentally, you need to have the pin code of your system. However, if you can’t access the pin code, you may simply unplug the panel and remove the battery.

Note that only unplugging the panel won’t help you in any way, as the back battery will still provide power to the panel for the next 3-4 hours. Therefore, it’s really necessary to remove the batteries along with unplugging the panel.

Can I use ADT equipment with another company?

Yes, you may use the ADT equipment with another company. However, your panel and security cameras may not work. So, you need to replace them with the new company.

In addition, here’s the list of the companies that may enable your wired sensors of any company to work well:

  • Ring
  • Vivint
  • ADP security
  • Any other local company that uses 2Gig, Honeywell equipment, or GE

Note that there may be some wireless sensors that may not work with these companies. Therefore, it’s always better to contact the customer care team beforehand and inquire about them.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to cancel my existing contract when I move?

Yes, in most cases, you must cancel your existing contract when you move. Each ADT contract is connected to one’s location and thus cannot be shifted. Therefore, it’s important to cancel the previous one and get a new one when moving to a new place. For further details, you should contact ADT.

2. How to use the pre-installed ADT system at a new place?

Simply call the ADT helpline and select the most suitable plan for your security system. The ADT team would then inspect and activate the equipment for you. Moreover, you may customize the system by purchasing extra equipment for efficient security.

3. How to cancel the ADT service online if I Don’t want it?

It’s not possible to cancel the ADT service online. You’ll have to contact the customer care team by calling and talking to their representative. This may sound a bit old-traditional, but it’s the policy of the ADT service as they focus on human interaction through phone or in-person.


Buying a house with an ADT system already installed is surely a plus point for you as you’ll not have to pay the installation fee for the system. In such a case, you must contact the ADT customer care team and get the pre-installed system verified and activated.

So, dig into this blog to clearly understand what to do when buying a house with an already installed ADT system. We have covered all the necessary info for you to either activate or simply uninstall the ADT device, along with all your queries concerning it.

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