6 Best Place to Install Ring Doorbell [Factors to consider]

Not sure where to place your Ring doorbell? The correct placement of your Ring doorbell concerning the height and angle is essential for the effectiveness of your device. It should be placed at a convenient site for the people visiting your place, as the doorbell would be the first thing they’d be looking at once they reach your door.

Moreover, since you’ll be placing a security camera and motion sensor along with the Ring doorbell too, the accurate location should be adjusted for the proper functionality of your device. So, read this blog for a quick and basic idea of the best place to install a Ring doorbell. We shall list all the factors you should consider while placing your doorbell.

best place to install ring doorbell

Factors to consider while placing your Ring doorbell

It’s vital to consider a few factors when placing your Ring doorbell. These factors can affect the functionality and effectiveness of your Ring doorbell to a great extent. Moreover, your convenience also depends upon it, bearing in mind the monitoring and placement of the Ring doorbell.

Here are the factors to consider while placing your Ring doorbell:

  • Power source
  • The angle of the Ring doorbell
  • Height of the Ring doorbell

In addition, these factors may also tell you how you should mount your Ring doorbell along with its accurate placement for better functioning and efficacy.

Best place to install Ring doorbell

Adjusting your Ring doorbell to the most accurate position by testing different placements and angles is necessary when unsure about the best place to install the Ring doorbell.

Moreover, there are several limitations you should keep in mind, such that you cannot test the doorbell’s position if it can’t run on battery power. Also, you can’t mount these doorbells horizontally as they don’t have a screen rotation feature.

Similarly, by placing it sideways, videos and live streams appear sideways on the Ring app, and the motion detection doesn’t work properly.

Here are the places you can place your Ring doorbell:

  1. The flat surface of the wall at the entrance
  2. The main door of your house
  3. The flat surface of the frame
  4. The wood paneling
  5. The sidewalks
  6. Slant surfaces using the supporting material
  7. On the porch gate
  8. At the back entrance
  9. On the door frames
  10. On the window frames
  11. On pillars or posts
  12. On column edges near the entrance

After selecting the site where you want to place your Ring doorbell considering the area you wish to monitor by its camera and sensor, the next thing you need to measure approx. 48 inches above the ground, then place it for a clear field of vision.

Installing the Ring doorbell on flat surfaces:

Installing or mounting a Ring doorbell on a flat surface is pretty simple. These sites include the wall, main door, flat wood paneling, and frame. You just need to locate the most optimal location to provide a clear and desired view of the area you want to monitor.

Moreover, ensure the location has a stable surface to fix the device and is clean and dry. Next, you need to align the mounting bracket and mark the spots for drilling. Once it’s done, drill the holes and insert the wall anchors into them.

Now, secure the mounting bracket with screws, align the Ring doorbell corresponding to the mounting bracket, and slide it inside for perfect placement.

Installing the Ring doorbell on a slant or uneven surfaces:

You can even install a Ring doorbell on uneven surfaces efficiently; however, it requires some additional steps. These sites include stone or brick walls, wood paneling, sidewalks, textured surfaces, and cement walls.

For installing the Ring doorbell on an uneven surface, first, you must determine the perfect size and orientation using a level. After that, place some spacers behind the mounting brackets for adequate grip and support. Now you can quickly drill holes, insert the anchors and secure the mounting bracket.

Later, place the Ring doorbell by aligning through the mounting bracket and sliding them through it. In addition, just ensure that you have secured the mounting bracket properly and the location of the Ring doorbell is profound concerning its functionality and performance.

Installing the Ring doorbell on narrow surfaces:

Installing the Ring doorbell on a narrow surface is challenging but not impossible. The narrow surfaces you may install the Ring doorbell include door frames, window frames, pillars, fence posts, and column edges.

Installing the Ring doorbell on a narrow surface is similar to that done on a slant or uneven surface. Using the snug fit, you may easily align and slide in the Ring doorbell after attaching the mounting bracket using the screws.

Later adjust the leveling and adjustment for better positioning, and you’re all good to go.

The best height to place the Ring doorbell

Whether you’re mounting your doorbell on the wall or door or any other surface, including the slanted one, the best height to place the Ring doorbell is approx. 4 feet (48 inches) above the ground.

This height is suitable enough to prevent your motion sensor from detecting movement from far away. Typically, the motion sensors detect the action from 5-30 feet away. This is done with the aid of Passive Infrared sensors which detects both the body heat of the incoming people and their motion.

So, in this way, far movements, which include that of cars or people walking sideways with their dogs, can be prevented to be detected to avoid any unnecessary chaos at your end.

Adjustment of Angle for the Ring doorbell

Ring doorbells usually have a flat surface at the back, which gets placed directly on the wall or other surfaces. However, if you want to angle your doorbell slightly, you can use some additional equipment. For instance, if you have placed the Ring doorbell above 4 ft, you can angle it down to avoid unnecessary motion alerts.

Ring provides two additional kits, the Wedge kit and the Corner kit, which can be used for this purpose.

  • The Wedge kit: This kit enables you to angle your Ring doorbell up or down from 5 to 15 degrees.
  • The Corner kit: This kit allows you to adjust the horizontal angle from 15 to 55 degrees.

However, note that these kits are more effective if you have a hard-wired doorbell, as they give you more flexibility to place it at the most suitable angle.

How to use the Ring Wedge or Corner kit?

Here are the steps to use the Ring Wedge or Corner kit:

  1. Firstly, position the angle mount at the site where you want to set your Ring doorbell. You may use the included level tool to ensure the position is straight.
  2. Next, use the provided screwdriver to screw the shorter two screws into the mount’s top and bottom holes.
  3. Now place the provided anchors in the holes if installing the doorbell on the brick, stucco wall, or concrete.
  4. Adjust the angle as needed by loosening the screws, adding an extra mount over the previous one, or screwing the mounts with the longer screws.
  5. Lastly, attach your Ring doorbell to the angle mount.

Note that if you are willing to use both the wedge and the corner kit, install the corner one and then the wedge mount.


In conclusion, the best place to install the Ring doorbell includes at the entrance gate, on a flat wall, or flat frame. Also, you can place it at the back entrance or the porch gate. While doing so, you need to set it approximately 4 ft above the ground while doing so. Moreover, use the additional kits to adjust the angle as per need.

So, light, height, and angle are crucial factors to consider while opting for the best place to install a Ring doorbell. For more details, surf this blog and learn the best site to put a Ring doorbell.


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