Top 9 Benefits of Nest Thermostat (2023 Updated)

If you have ever wondered what advantages you may get from the Google Nest thermostat, you’re surely at the right place. Knowing about all the benefits and features of Nest will help you use it in the most effective way possible.

So, read on to look at all the major benefits of the Nest thermostat and why you should install it at home.

benefits of nest thermostat

Top 9 benefits of Nest thermostat

Nest thermostat has been a great upgrade to your HVAC system. You may not only maintain a desirable temperature indoors but also save money and energy on your bills. Not just this, it has various other uses as well.

Below are a few of the main benefits of installing a Nest thermostat at your home:

1. The Autolearning feature

Nest thermostat is a smart device that has some of the most extraordinary features. One includes the auto-learning feature, which may be a blessing for you.

Nest learns your heating and cooling habits along with your temperature preferences. This happens when you set a particular schedule for your system.

In this way, Nest suggests an adjusted schedule or makes changes without any command. So, after using Nest for a week, it will soon adapt to the differences concerning your needs.

For example, it will then know the temperature you opt for after waking up or sleeping. Similarly, what temperature you would most probably be during your Friday chilling? Moreover, it may even turn down you’re AC when you’re leaving home or turn it on when you’re back.

So, who would not love this super convenient feature?

2. Remote comfort access

Do you know you no longer have to go to the location of your thermostat to change its temperature or shut it off? You may do so anywhere you’re without any hurdles.

However, this super outstanding feature was not available in the previous thermostats, but Nest has proved superior among all the thermostats you may ever opt for.

So, just use your smartphone or tablet wherever you’re and make the adjustments according to your need. Then, download the compatible apps on your smartphone and connect them to your Nest device. Now you’re all set to control your HVAC home appliances even when you’re not at home or, in fact, away for vacations.

3. Saves you energy

Nest thermostat has proven to save energy greatly by enabling its users to control indoor comfort while lowering their energy bills.

This happens with the super cool Eco temperature feature that automatically turns on when you leave your house with your smartphone that controls your Nest.

You may save up to $140 a year while getting all the comfort of heating and cooling services. So, don’t you think it’s a great deal, indeed?

4. Enabling the auto lights feature

The super convenient auto light feature saves you time and assures you a safe way to tackle any situation when you leave your home.

This feature automatically turns on the lights when you enter the room where your Nest is placed. This can help you view the current temperature, time, and weather more efficiently.

Further, you can also check the outdoor temperature and humidity by pressing the ring.

5. Energy reports for your Nest thermostat

The Nest thermostat home energy reports may help you check your energy usage for the day in the Energy history. In fact, at the end of every month, you receive a complete Home report for your month’s energy usage.

This would help you plan a better energy-saving strategy, especially during peak energy.

In addition, these reports may also have tips for you to conserve energy and thus save money with a proper strategy. Also, it may even give you a daily weather report to help you improve the indoor temperature efficiently.

6. The Rush Hour Rewards

Connecting your Nest to your HVAC system may join the Rush Hour Rewards, the supercool Cooperative’s latest demand response program.

This reward may help you to reduce overall energy consumption on GVEC’s grid during Rush hours or Peak times. The Rush hours are usually between 3 to 6 pm from June to September.

By joining the Rush Hour Reward and lowering the usage during peak hours, you may stabilize the electricity rates for other GVEC members.

In addition, you will get a one-time $85 credit for signing up and $30 each year for the enrollment from June to September.

7. Know your Peak efficiency level

The Nest thermostat can operate at its most efficient levels. The best thing is you may keep a check on it. The leaf icon on your thermostat’s screen will tell you that your system is in optimal energy-saving mode.

Furthermore, it may adjust the Settings even more efficiently when you’re not home.

8. Continuous monitoring

Connecting your Nest to the smoke detectors or CO alarms may enhance the safety measures.

These setups may alert you at the time of any hazardous conditions. Moreover, your Nest may also act to halt the dangerous conditions for your safety.

Isn’t this impressive?

9. Compatibility with other home appliances

Last but not least, the compatibility of Nest with other home appliances is remarkable. This enables it to automate other appliances like furnaces and humidifiers by giving information and thus controlling the surrounding environment.

In addition, you may even connect your system with home Al assistants like Alexa, by which you may control your thermostat via voice commands.


Nest, a super advanced device, has ample benefits that may make your life peaceful. It regulates the temperature of your surroundings and may help you in many other ways.

Look at this blog to learn all the benefits of the Nest thermostat for your better understanding.


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