St. Paul Fire Station_ 14 (1982- ) and Apparatus

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St. Paul Station 14 (1982- )
and Apparatus (if available)


Photo source: Steve A. Skaar


Snelling at s.w. cor. Laurel


Station faces East

Active Station

  • 1982- - Engine/Medic 14
  • 1982- - Squad 2


Current apparatus assigned to Station 14 (1982- ) below

Photo source: Paul Barret

Engine 14,  1998 Sterling/Custom Coupe+crew, 1500 gpm pump, 500 gal tank, Apar. Serial# 1FDYS92P3WVA31391, Shop# 220  

Photo source: Paul Barret

Ladder 20,  2001 Emergency One Sedan Cab Frwd, 1500 gpm pump, 300 gal tank, 95ft, Apar. Serial# 4EN3ABA89Y1002698, Rear-mount Tower, Shop# 235  
Reassigned to Station 14 in July 2012. Currently still keeping its L20 designation

Images of former station views and/or former apparatus will be found below

Photo source: Steve A. Skaar

Squad 2,  1984 Ford-L/Custom Coupe+crew, 1000 gpm pump, 500 gal tank, Serial# 1FDYK90J8EVA5737, Shop# 334  

Photo source: Paul Barret

Haz Mat 2,  1987 Ford E350 Coupe Enclosed, Apar. Serial# 1FDKE37H9HHA97408, Shop# 289  

Photo source: Unknown

Rescue Squad 2,  1995 GMC-White/Toyne Coupe+crew, 1000 gpm pump, 500 gal tank, Apar. Serial# 4V2VCBRF4RN685293, Pump and body from 1985 Ford-L/Custom, Shop# 347  

Photo source: Paul Barret

Rescue Squad 2,  2002 Spartan/Custom Enclosed Cab Frwd, 750 gpm pump, 500 gal tank, Apar. Serial# 4S7AT32932C042087, Custom #02MN11, Shop# 352  
The Squad 2 company was reassigned to Station 20 in July 2012. This rig did not move to Station 20 however as Squad 2's was replaced by Squad 3's rig.

Photo source: Steve A. Skaar

Haz Mat 2,  1996 Ford L/SuperVac Coupe Enclosed, Apar. Serial# 1FDYS82E7TVA27686, Shop# 262  
Moved to Station 20 when Squad 2 was reassigned to 20's

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