Minneapolis Former Fire Station_ 12 (1886-1920) and Apparatus

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Minneapolis Station 12 (1886-1920)
and Apparatus (if available)


Photo source: Paige Van Vorst


700 Jackson St NE at Summer, NW corner, doors face East


Station has been razed

  • November 6, 1886 Opened as Station M with Hose 12
  • February, 1889 Engine 12 in service
  • January 12, 1891 Department was reorganized, and became MFD Station 12
  • June 8, 1920 Engine and station Closed


Photo source: Unknown

Map of Station location from 1912 Sanborn Maps, Vol. 7, Sheet 767
Click here for a .PDF of the full map sheet

Full 3D Model for your Google Earth

Click here for a full 3D model for Google Earth


Photo source: Brown Collection

Hose 12,  1892 MFD Wagon #1  
  • Driver Tom Boland
  • Captain Cornelius Coakley
  • Jim McGuire
  • Jim O'Brien

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